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Water for Rojava 2022 Delegation Report

💧 The Water for Rojava Committee went on a delegation to North and East Syria (NES, also known as Rojava) during the month of October, 2022.

Water for Rojava send solidarity message to Water Directorate workers injured by Turkey bombs in Kobane

Solidarity Economy Association and other members of the Water for Rojava Europe Committee send our heartfelt solidarity and wishes for a speedy recovery to Fadil Bazar, Bozan Şêx Nebî and Muslim Hemo, the three workers who were hospitalised as a result of a bomb attack on a waterworks west of Kobane in NE Syria on 22 December, 2022.

Reviving Rivers through Community Based Action – an exchange of views in the context of North and East Syria

Below are notes from an online meeting on “Reviving rivers through community based action – an exchange of views in the context of North East Syria / Rojava” which took place between people in North and East Syria, people in India, and various supporters and allies, on 11 April, 2022. The meeting was convened by

Water for Rojava report from the International Water Forum in Hasakah, NE Syria, 27-28 September 2021

This report was prepared by the Water for Rojava Europe Committee for sharing information about the International Water Forum that took place in Hasakah, NE Syria in September, 2021, with all who are interested. Members of the Water for Rojava Europe Committee attended the Forum as participants, and the report should not be considered an official release of the Forum itself.

Water for Rojava Update: Women’s Agricultural Village in Derik

Thanks to your support, the Water for Rojava campaign has been able to partially fund a Women's Village in Derik. You can still donate to Water for Rojava via Paypal through the following link: www.solidarityeconomy.coop/donate.