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Messages from Aboriya Jin in Wake of Attacks on Infrastructure across North and East Syria

"Our situation is not great. People are facing attacks every day. The situation is really devastating, but it is our duty to resist."

Huge-scale attacks destroy 80% of civil infrastructure across North and East Syria

A series of relentless huge-scale bombardments by Turkey over the course of several days have devastated civilian infrastructure – the basis for life in the region – across North and East Syria.

Water for Rojava Delegation report now available in Kurdish (Sorani) language!

  Download the report – Kurdish (Sorani)   Download the report – Kurdish (Sorani)

Water for Rojava 2022 Delegation Report

💧 The Water for Rojava Committee went on a delegation to North and East Syria (NES, also known as Rojava) during the month of October, 2022.

Water for Rojava send solidarity message to Water Directorate workers injured by Turkey bombs in Kobane

Solidarity Economy Association and other members of the Water for Rojava Europe Committee send our heartfelt solidarity and wishes for a speedy recovery to Fadil Bazar, Bozan Şêx Nebî and Muslim Hemo, the three workers who were hospitalised as a result of a bomb attack on a waterworks west of Kobane in NE Syria on 22 December, 2022.