Ibrahim Esed: Ecological genocide continues

Ibrahim Esed is co-chair of the Ecology Committee. In this interview, he talked about the need to further develop ecological awareness in Northern and Eastern Syria and to oppose Turkish attacks on the environment.

Women as vanguard of the ecological and anticolonial struggle

Interview with Berivan Omer and other insights from the ecological conference.

Afrin-Shehba Canton Municipality continues to serve people despite attacks and embargo

Afrin-Shehba Canton Municipality does not stop its activities despite the attacks and embargo, and serves the public based on an ecological life. In 2024, solar energy will spread in the districts and villages.

Turkish airstrikes deprive 600 villages of water in Syria’s Kobani

On Jan. 14, Turkey targeted the two stations in Kobani and Ain Issa by drones, knocking them out of service.

Turkey continues to cut off water supply to Alouk Station in Hesekê

The Turkish state continues to cut off the water supply to Alouk Station in Hesekê. The Autonomous Administration, on the other hand, is making great efforts to provide water for the people.

“We will defend this life, we will resist on this land”

The history of the Kurdistan, the ecological way of life of the people, the effects of the attacks, and the methods of resistance, are intrinsically related. In order to make them more understandable, we focused our report on the area of Koçerata. This region, its people and civil infrastructures in particular, were heavily targeted by Turkish airstrikes in winter 2023-2024.

Oil leakage into rivers threatens NE Syria

Environmental and agricultural engineers and doctors warned about a potential disaster that could harm the northeastern areas of Syria in the long term following oil leakage into two main river streams, amid efforts to prevent its spread. The Agriculture and Irrigation Board affiliated with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) announced on

Farmers of Syria’s Hasakah resort to solar energy

Across the farmlands in areas in northeast Syria, where agriculture takes the top spot, installing solar panels have become the best option for farmers to irrigate their crops amid fuel and power shortages.

Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – Interview with Derik Municipality

In 2019, a city partnership between Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Derik was established. Since then, several projects have been realized in cooperation, including ecological initiatives, service provisions and information exchanges.

Flashback 2023: Environmental devastation continues to unfold

Environmental degradation continues to plague Turkey in 2023, as forests are sacrificed for mining ventures, water resources are exploited, and major destruction is wrought in Kurdish regions.

Residents of NE Syria resort to solar energy after Turkish attacks

There is an increase in purchasing solar panels by the region’s residents following the recent Turkish airstrikes on fuel facilities and oil wells.

Civilians targeted by Turkey tell of their living conditions without electricity and water

In large parts of Northern and Eastern Syria, the population's supply of electricity, water and fuel has collapsed due to Turkish attacks. Women in Qamishlo talked about their living conditions.