Agricultural Development Following the Liberation of Deir ez-Zor

Deir ez-Zor Agriculture Directorate, affiliated to the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council, provides significant support to farmers for agricultural development in the region.

Lahdo: Turkey causes water crisis, emergency projects partially solve the crisis

The Co-chair of the Local Administration and Municipalities Authority in North and East Syria said that the main reason for the drinking water crisis in the city of Al-Hasakah is the Turkish state's cuts off water far from morals. He called to put an end to this criminal act against civilians.

Baghouz Water Station Comes into Service

The water station repaired by the People's Municipality of Baghouz town in Deir ez-Zor, is expected to be put into service in 25 days.

Water Shortage a Years-Long Problem in Manbij

Residents of Syria’s northern city of Manbij suffer from frequent drinking water cuts, which often leads them to fill their containers via special tanks, which increases their expenses and burdens of living. Officials in the Water Directorate affiliated with the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria (AANES) said that the current water line was

Revolution and Co-operatives: thoughts about my time with the Economic Committee in Rojava

In the following I will give a short insight about my experiences during the time with the economic committee of the cantons of Qamişlo and Hasakah in Rojava, North-East Syria. I will especially focus on the cooperative economy that is being built up in Rojava. As a second step, I will discuss to what extend

Turkish-held Water Station in Northeast Syria not Providing Enough Water to Hasakah

Sozdar Ahmad, co-chair of water directorate in Syria’s Hasakah, said they were late in distributing water to neighbourhoods due to the weak water flow from the Turkish-held Alouk station in Serekaniye in the country’s northeast.

Alternative Water Project to Alok Water Station in Syria’s Hasakah

On Tuesday, the Water Directorate in the municipality of Tel Tamr town, northwest of Hasakah, began implementing a project to drill a well east of the town to ensure if the groundwater is suitable for drinking.

Autonomous Administration Restores Water Supply in Heseke

After a three-week interruption of the water supply in Greater Heseke by Turkey and allied militias, the autonomous administration was able to partially restore the supply through a well drilling program.

​​​​​​​Turkish Occupation Threatens al-Hasakah People of Most Important Source of Water

In flagrant violation of international norms and laws, the Turkish occupation used water resources as a political card to pass its occupation policies towards the regions of northern and eastern Syria and its people, while the Autonomous Administration (AA) and the people showed strong cooperation and solidarity to confront the occupation plans.

Occupiers Prevent Water Tankers from Reaching Villages in Hesekê

Alouk Water Station keeps being targeted by Turkey preventing people in many villages to reach water.

The Ecology of War

The ideology of the Kurdish liberation movement contemplates ecologism as one of its fundamental pillars. Even so, owing to nine years of war, barriers remain to its implementation.

Alouk Water Station in Syria’s Hasakah to Operate Soon

The General Directorate of Drinking Water of the Syrian government in Hasakah announced on Thursday that it is working to maintain Alouk station in the countryside of Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain) and put it into service as soon as possible.