Turkey’s Reduction Of Khabur River Water Threatens Fishery In Syria’s Northeast

Fishermen expressed on Sunday their concern over the increasing level of the pollution in the water of al-Basel Dam, south of Hasakah, northeast Syria, which led to the death of many fish.

Water Drop In Euphrates River By Turkey Portends Humanitarian Catastrophe In NE Syria

Hammoud Hamadin, an administrative official in the Tishreen Dam said on Saturday that Turkey’s reduction of the Euphrates River will lead the Tishreen Dam and drinking water pumping stations to stop working.

Women farmers in Deir ez-Zor affected by water shortage

Women farmers in Deir ez-Zor, who have been suffering from water shortage as Turkey has cut off the water flowing into the Euphrates River, call on the international community to put pressure on Turkey.

Turkey’s water war against North and East Syria continues

Turkey’s reduction of Euphrates water level continues to negatively affect North and East Syria. Engineer Hemud El-Hemadin warned that reducing the water level could lead to a humanitarian disaster.

Campaign to plant saplings from the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement launched a campaign to plant saplings throughout April against the destruction of nature.

Women of Deir ez-Zor grow cauliflower, cabbage

Agriculture is the main source of living for the people living in the villages of Deir ez-Zor, the largest city in eastern Syria. Most of the farmers in the region are women. This year, they grew different vegetables.

Supreme Economic Council to be founded in NE Syria

Co-chair of the Economy Board of North and East Syria, Salman Barudo, said yesterday they are about to [found] the Supreme Economic Council in Syria’s northeast. This aims to “set strategic plans and determine the future economic policy of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES),” he told North Press.    This came

Women to realize wheat, tandoori projects this year

Kongra Star’s Women's Economy Committee continues to develop projects to empower women’s economy. Zehra Mihemed gave information about their works and told us that they will put their wheat and tandoori projects into effect in 2022.

Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria creating new fields of employment

Officials at the spring water processing facility in Tirbespiye maintain their work to meet North-East Syrian people’s need for clean water.

Drinking water project to be completed in Syria’s Hasakah countryside

The Hasakah Water Directorate of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) held a meeting with Shaddadi Civil Council, south of Hasakah, to discuss the project of rehabilitating Shaddadi water station in order to cover the residents’ water needs.

Turkey exploits Euphrates water to displace people

Women and farmers from Deir ez-Zor explained that withholding the Euphrates River is a policy that Turkey exploits to displace and starve the region's population and destabilize the region's security.

Yoghurt manufacturing facilities in Syria’s Manbij face challenges

Muhammad Hamam, the owner of two yoghurt manufacturing facilities in Manbij city in northern Syria, hopes that the milk collected from villages and transported to his yoghurt plant every day is sufficient for the day’s production.