People begin to plant vegetables in Shaddadi

After inadequate rains throughout North and East Syria, people in Shaddadi have begun to plant vegetables in order to meet daily vegetable need.

Turkey deactivates 30 more water stations in Syria

Thirty more water stations have been deactivated in northeast Syria, as Turkey continues to cut off the water supply from the Euphrates River.

Turkish seizure of Euphrates increases rationing hours in Syria’s Kobani

Rationing hours of power will increase in case the level of the Euphrates river continues to decline due to Turkey’s seizure of water, an official of Electricity Directorate in Kobani, northern Syria, said on Sunday.  “Turkey has been cutting water to Rojava Dam (formerly Tishrin) for four months forcing the administration of the dam to

Agricultural areas in Ain Issa risk drying out

Agricultural areas in Ain Issa risk drying out as the Turkish state reduces the water flowing through the Euphrates River.

Al-Elwa water station ready to provide water to Hesekê

Hesekê General Water Directorate completed the preparations for the water station in al-Elwa, south of Shedadi. The station will deliver water to Hesekê.

Turkey uses Water as Political Blackmail

Co-president of the Manbij Electricity Administration Meha Haj Elî stated that the Turkish state used the Euphrates River as a political blackmail and did not comply with international agreements.

Women in Kobane Work Communally to Overcome Drought Conditions

The women in Kobane are coming together to work on the fields and try to give life to the lands suffering from this Turkish-made drought.

Water and Democracy in North and East Syria

Our people survived the authoritarian Syrian regime for decades. We withstood the past decade of war and instability. We battled the invading armies of ISIS. We have weathered a crushing economic collapse in the past year. With our inspiring democratic model, and with our unity and persistence, we can bring water and life back to Hasakah.

Hasankeyf Submerged by a Turkish Dam

Hasankeyf, an ancient town in Turkey’s south-eastern province of Batman (Êlih) – with a history of 12,000 years of human settlement – was engulfed in 2019 by the reservoir of a controversial hydroelectric dam project.

Turkey’s Water Seizure Increases Farmers’ Suffering in Syria’s Manbij

The recent seizure of the Euphrates water by Turkeyhas increased the sufferings of the villagers in the countryside of Manbij, north Syria.

Water, the Source of Life

Water is the source of life. To North and East Syria, there is no source of water more vital than the Euphrates river. The Euphrates river has been used to power critical hydroelectric dams, irrigate farmland, provide transportation, maintain the many ecosystems of the region, and supply drinking water to a large number of towns

Jurist: Appeal to International Courts Last Option if Turkey Keeps Reducing Euphrates water

Human rights defender, Hassan Mustafa asserted that friendly countries, the signatories of the Helsinki agreement, and the guarantors of the 1987 agreement, should force the Turkish state to change its policy towards the region. "we are going to resort to the international courts if Turkey continues to reduce the water level of the Euphrates River," he added.