Women from Rojava are also leading in the economic field

With 78 cooperatives, women also play a leading role in building a solidarity economy in Rojava. The construction of the economy takes place under war conditions.

Turkish attacks cause massive losses to poultry farm in Syria’s Kobani

Turkish airstrikes in the city of Kobani in northern Syria on Jan. 14, led to the complete destruction of a poultry farm and resulted in losses totalling tens of thousands of dollars. 

AANES struggles to develops local economy in NE Syria

Despite efforts of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) to develop productive sectors and the local economy within the available possibilities, there are obstacles that hinder the achievement of these goals.

We will defend this place, this electricity plant, in every way possible, with our bodies too

“If I cannot dance, this is not my revolution.” We wonder what Emma Goldman would say if she could be here with us, looking at these hundreds of people, dancing, during an action of shielding the electricity power plant of Swedî, Derik, in North East Syria.

Turkish bombardment devastates NE Syria’s economy, infrastructure

Within a span of three days, starting from Dec. 25, 2023, Turkey launched airstrikes and artillery shelling in northeastern Syria. According to the Monitoring and Documentation Department of North Press, the Turkish bombardment targeted a total of 121 sites, with a total of 179 strikes.

Qasim: The Social Contract provides legal security to all segments of society

Member of the Northern and Eastern Syria Women's Council, Stêr Bişar Qasim, spoke about the new Social Contract.

Turkey’s Christmas airstrikes targeting NES civilian service facilities and infrastructure

On Christmas day, Turkish airstrikes hit 18 locations, including factories producing construction materials, agricultural products and foods, grain silos, a mill, industrial sites, a dialysis center, a printing house and a petrol station.

‘Women should be supported in the workforce’

Xedîcê Mehmûd, who runs a bakery with her spouse in the town of Til Temir, does not allow the negative views in society to affect her life. She thinks women’s labour force participation should be supported more.

Emîra Bekir: Rajo was like paradise before it was occupied

In an interview with NuJINHA, Emîra Bekir talked about the history and natural beauty of the Rajo town of Afrin Canton.

Women work in solidarity with each other in Lice to earn living

Women of the Lice Women’s Cooperative have rolled up their sleeves to make homemade tomato paste this month. The women work in solidarity with each other against the economic crisis.

Multi-language curriculum in Northeast Syria lacks official recognition

The AANES has established an independent educational process in their areas. This process focuses on teaching local languages, including Arabic, Kurdish, and Syriac, with the aim of promoting culture and enhancing the linguistic identity of local communities.

Jazira Martyrs’ Families Council opens new agricultural cooperatives in Amude

The agricultural cooperatives established by the Jazira Martyrs' Families Council Economy Committee aim to increase livelihoods and job opportunities in the region.