Explainer: Afrin, 5 years under Turkish occupation

For the fifth anniversary of the Turkish invasion, in this explainer we want to focus on four aspects of the current situation of the Afrin region: SNA crimes, administration and living conditions, forced demographic change, and new role of HTS (Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the dominant militant group in Idlib).

2022 Marked By World Openness To AANES

2022 was full of events in northeast Syria in military, political, and economic terms.

Turkish Escalation Impacts Industrial Sector In Syria’s Kobani

The recent Turkish escalation in north and northeast Syria has forced the industrialists of the city of Kobani to close their factories after traders stopped ordering their products.

New projects developed for women in Qamishlo

New projects allow women to participate in life stronger in Qamishlo. Lilith café and restaurant is one of these projects. The café, run by women, was opened two months ago in the city.

Fact Sheet: Til Temir – A District Under Constant Attack

In the last 2 weeks, the villages of Til Temir and Zirgan have been bombed with at least 524 heavy artillery shells. However, already for almost three years the region is facing constant shelling and the destruction of civilian homes, schools, and municipalities, with the aim of scaring people and make them leave the area.

Rojava Children’s Orchestra Institute gives music education to children

The Rojava Children’s Orchestra Institute has given music education to children in order to pass traditional Kurdish music to the next generation.

Know Our Cities: Kobane

Kobane, the city that began the fall of ISIS – “As a global symbol of the Kurdish resistance against ISIS, the city of Kobane has become an important site for artistic and cultural work that tells the story of this struggle and puts it in historical context.”

One of the last master shoemakers in Amed

Shoemaking was a traditional craft of Armenian masters in Amed. In the capitalist throwaway society, the profession is dying out. Kasım Oğuç is one of the last shoemakers in the Kurdish metropolis.

Workshop opens in Dêrik to form young people in fields of cinema and theater

A workshop opened in Dêrik with the aim of laying the groundwork for cinema and theater studies. The workshop aims to create qualified actors, scriptwriters and cinematographers within TEV-ÇAND.

Turkey continues to seize Syria’s share of Euphrates water

SOHR warns against looming humanitarian catastrophe as Turkey continues to seize Syria’s water share.

Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement: Painting helps children to grow confident

Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement stresses the importance of education of children, both contributing to the development of children and trying to attract them to art with its painting course.

Retailers In Syria’s Derik Call To Start Up Production Projects

Retailers and traders in Derik city, northeast Syria, call venture capitalists and production expertise to set up industrial plants in Derik.