Bread Crisis in Syria’s Shaddadi Due to Insufficient Flour Distribution

Fahed Khedair, an official in Shaddadi City Council’s Economic Committee, said on Sunday that they had obtained approval to increase the quantities of flour in bakeries in order to solve a bread shortage.

Industrial facilities in north Syria’s Manbij Syria’s provide job opportunities

Industrial facilities in the city of Manbij, northern Syria, play an important role in covering the city’s needs and providing job opportunities for youth in light of lack of energy sources and closure of crossings to bring in raw materials.

Sheep Raising Becomes Means of Money Saving in Syria’s Til Kocher

Sheep raising experienced recently a significant turnout in the countryside of Til Kocher eastern Syria’s city of Hasakah due to higher margin rates and Syrian currency collapse. People of the countryside of Til Kocher, which is located to the east of the city of Hasakah on the borders with Iraq, tend to raise sheep as

Farmers not Optimistic about Cotton Production Despite the Good Turnout in Syria’s Hasakah

Saleh Sa’ad goes out to follow the work of a group of workers, who a few days prior began to to pick his cotton crop on his land near the city of Hasakah in northeastern Syria. Sa’ad, a farmer from the village of Salaliyah, does not seem happy about the production of two hectares of

Raqqa’s Cotton Harvest Production Lower than Expected

Muhammad al-Abdullah, a farmer from the village of Kasrat Afnan 8 km south of the city of Raqqa, northern Syria, believes that the price of one kilogram of cotton should reach SYP 1,200 this year in order to cover its production costs.    With the approaching cotton harvest season in the countryside of Raqqa, farmers

Refugees in Girê Spî Camp Set Up Vegetable Co-operative

60 decares of land was allocated to the newly established co-operative.

“What is very important for us is to see there is willingness to help us” – Gulistan Sido from the University of Rojava

The University of Rojava recently launched an appeal for support to universities and academics around the world. RIC interviewed Gulistan Sido, responsible for external relations at the University of Rojava, to learn more about its history, its future projects and about the challenges the university is currently facing.

Interview: The relevance of people’s buses in times of economic crisis, municipality of Qamishlo

Last year, the municipality of Qamishlo has set up public transport for the first time in this city: the Basên Gel (People’s buses). It is the first step towards more sustainable and affordable transport in North-East Syria, a region where people mostly rely on individual motorized transport and expensive privately run companies, in times of strong inflation of the Syrian pound. RIC interviewed the head of the municipality committee of Qamishlo to understand how the bus service came into existence, how it is working as of today, and what future projects look like. The interview was carried out on 20 July 2020.

Despite Attacks, Tel Tamer Oven Provides Bread for People

Despite the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries attacks on Seri Kaniye and its countryside, and the ongoing attacks against the Tel Tamer countryside, Tel Tamer bread oven has not stopped working.

Interview: Why do the ‘Caesar’ sanctions affect NES, and how can this be prevented? – Cheleng Omer, economist

Cheleng Omer is a former professor at Afrin University, and one of the top economists in North and East Syria. The interview was carried out on 19 July 2020.

Kurdish-led Authorities Establish Foodstuff Factory in Syria’s Kobani after Ba’ath Regime’s Decades-long Ban

The Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration in northeast Syria announced on Thursday the inauguration of the first foodstuff factory in the country’s northern town of Kobani.

Deposed co-mayor joins agricultural co-operative in Dersim

Deposed co-mayor Songül Doğan of the municipality of Akpazar in the province of Dersim continues her works in an agricultural co-operative.