‘Women should be supported in the workforce’

Xedîcê Mehmûd, who runs a bakery with her spouse in the town of Til Temir, does not allow the negative views in society to affect her life. She thinks women’s labour force participation should be supported more.

Emîra Bekir: Rajo was like paradise before it was occupied

In an interview with NuJINHA, Emîra Bekir talked about the history and natural beauty of the Rajo town of Afrin Canton.

Women work in solidarity with each other in Lice to earn living

Women of the Lice Women’s Cooperative have rolled up their sleeves to make homemade tomato paste this month. The women work in solidarity with each other against the economic crisis.

Multi-language curriculum in Northeast Syria lacks official recognition

The AANES has established an independent educational process in their areas. This process focuses on teaching local languages, including Arabic, Kurdish, and Syriac, with the aim of promoting culture and enhancing the linguistic identity of local communities.

Jazira Martyrs’ Families Council opens new agricultural cooperatives in Amude

The agricultural cooperatives established by the Jazira Martyrs' Families Council Economy Committee aim to increase livelihoods and job opportunities in the region.

Doing Justice to the Mosaic of North East Syria – The Rojava Revolution

How did it all begin? What stages were taken on the way and what danger does Turkey pose to the revolution? On the 10th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, we talked about these and other questions with Berivan Khaled, co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North East Syria.

Children’s games and adult games

An internationalist who has come from his flat native country to meet the people of the mountains, to learn and share the most inspiring revolution of the 21st century wrote an embodied narrative, relating impressions of daily life and the latest tragic events with this upsurge of the Turkish threat on Rojava. The hope of making close what, too often, seems far away while what is played out here, in reality, concerns us all.

Female traffic officers direct traffic in NE Syria

In northeastern Syria, female traffic officers work hard to direct the traffic and ensure safety. “Women have proven themselves in this field,” said Berivan İsmail, the director of the Cizire Region Traffic Center.

Hêza Hawar: Contact us for your safety

Hêza Hawar, security forces in northeastern Syria, aims to protect the citizens in the region. The members of the Hêza Hawar ask citizens to contact them when they face extraordinary and emergency situations.

Amara Library in Rojava offers over 15,000 books in different languages

Amara Library, one of the first cultural achievements of the Rojava Revolution, became a must for language and literature lovers with 15 thousand books written in different languages.

Olives stolen from Afrin on the world market

Since the occupation of Afrin in March 2018, the Turkish state has established a regime of looting and exploitation. Olive and olive products were the main source of income in the region before the invasion. With the Turkish invasion, Afrin’s olive groves have been plundered and have become a source of funding for militiamen from the Turkish-established mercenary “Syrian National Army” (SNA). The SNA militias loot the region’s olive production and bring it to the world market via Turkey.

Women of Kobanê: The Turkish state uses water as a weapon

“The Turkish state uses water as a weapon,” said women of Kobanê calling on the international community to stop the violation committed by the Turkish state, which has reduced the water of the Euphrates River.