Local production provides food self-sufficiency

Vegetable greenhouse projects promoted in Heseke provide food self-sufficiency in the region.

Agricultural Employment Rate Increases in Raqqa

In Raqqa, one of the leading cities of agriculture-based economy, employment rate increases with the beginning of the harvest season.

Exhibition of Local Products Aims to Strengthen Domestic Economies

The city of Qamishli witnessed the opening of an exhibition of local industries in North and East Syria with the aim of supporting self-sufficiency, bolstering the local economy, encouraging investment, and providing job opportunities in the local market.

From Ecological Industry to Food Self-sufficiency Fair opens in Qamishlo

Jazira Region Democratic Autonomous Administration Economy and Culture Committee, in coordination with the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, opened a fair in Qamishlo which saw the participation of 60 workplaces and companies.

Co-operatives in Til Hemis provide employment and contribute to social economy

Co-operatives opened in Til Hemis provide employment for citizens and contribute to the social economy.

Greenhouse projects contribute to local economy in North-East Syria

The greenhouse project initiated in Rimêlan provides vegetables for nearly 450 thousand citizens. About 100 people are employed in greenhouse projects.

Raise in taxes affect the secondhand car market negatively in Turkey

Raise in Special Consumption Tax (ÖTV) affects the secondhand car market negatively in Turkey. Van Car Dealers’ Cooperative chairperson İsmet İnan stated that the capital of car dealers shopkeepers reduced by half and added they did not predict a drop in prices.

Against the Odds, a Stable Economy in Syria

Faced with a war economy and massive historical obstacles, it is remarkable that the AANES has been able to create one of the most stable and self-sufficient economies in the country.

Plastic Factory Produces Electrical wiring accessories in Syria’s Derik Countryside

Aya Plastic Factory, in the town of Girke Lege in northeastern Syria, seeks to develop its production, especially of household electrical wiring supplies.

Factories Support Commercial Activity, Provide Wages for Families in Syria’s Jazira

The Judi factory for producing bulgur in Qamishli, northeast Syria, secures job opportunities for male and female workers in the area, and secures the basic needs for food production in northeast Syria in cooperation with the region’s other factories.

Turkish Occupation Destroys Economic Structure of Syria’s AANES

Salman Barudo, the co-chair of the Economic and Agricultural Board of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), said on Tuesday, that the Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria had destroyed the economic structure in the region. “Turkey occupied Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain) and Tel Abyad (Gre-Spi) areas, which had an area of 619,000

Factory Produces Copper Cables to Markets of Syria’s North East

Wajed Barho, from Derik north east Syria, is working accurately and in harmony with the machines and with other women employees in a cables company in Derik.