Turkey continues to seize Syria’s share of Euphrates water

SOHR warns against looming humanitarian catastrophe as Turkey continues to seize Syria’s water share.

Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement: Painting helps children to grow confident

Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement stresses the importance of education of children, both contributing to the development of children and trying to attract them to art with its painting course.

Retailers In Syria’s Derik Call To Start Up Production Projects

Retailers and traders in Derik city, northeast Syria, call venture capitalists and production expertise to set up industrial plants in Derik.

Syria’s Manbij A Destination For Industry

The city of Manbij is now one of the most important industrial centers in northern Syria, as it is a transportation hub and sits on a commercial road linking the Autonomous Administration held areas with the areas of the Syrian government, in addition to opposition-held areas in northern Syria.

Universities sow seeds of new life in NE Syria

There are four universities in NE Syria, first was founded in Afrin. These universities have many faculties such as Kurdish Literature, Economics, Engineering and Jineology. The new departments are opened in the universities according to the demands of the students. The universities are ready to welcome students for the academic year 2021-2022

Industry flourishes in areas of NE Syria neglected for years

Despite the many difficulties, there is significant industrial development in the North and East Syrian regions. Many job opportunities have been provided for workers and the need for job opportunities in the region has been met.

Foam factory covers demand, produces new products in Syria’s Derik

A factory in Derik countryside, northeast Syria, has been producing rebound foam for more than two years, and is the first of its kind in the Syrian Jazira region.

“Children first”: A cultural association for children in Amed

The “Children First” association in Amed works to ensure that the Kurdish language and culture are passed on to the new generations. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the association is still active, and children from many countries join online.

First olive oil factory opens in Qamishlo

The Economic Council of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration opened the first olive oil factory in the region.

Corn drying factory in Raqqa opens its doors to producers

The corn drying factory in Raqqa opened its doors to corn producers. The factory has received nearly 3,000 tons of corn from farmers since its opening on 20 October.

AANES opens spinning and weaving factory in Syria’s Hasakah

After years of stopping due to lack of equipment and damage in earlier times, when the militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) entered the outskirts of the city years ago, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANEs) opened the spinning and weaving factory in the city of Hasakah, northeast Syria, on Sunday after rehabilitating it.

Another memory center: Rojava Film Commune

On November 13, 1960, Amouda Cinema burned down in a fire and more than 200 children died inside it. Maybe the reason why there isn’t a full-fledged cinema in NE Syria. But Rojava Film Commune keeps working to positively revive the memory of people about cinema. We spoke to Nadiya Derweş, a board member of the Rojava Film Commune about cinema, what people in the region think about it, and the effects of women on cinema.