Turkey’s Reduction Of Khabur River Water Threatens Fishery In Syria’s Northeast

Fishermen expressed on Sunday their concern over the increasing level of the pollution in the water of al-Basel Dam, south of Hasakah, northeast Syria, which led to the death of many fish.

Hîlala Zêrîn, against cultural genocide

The cultural movement Hîlala Zêrîn in Northern and Eastern Syria is a movement of women created to preserve their cultures and for cultural self-defense against the patriarchy.

Water Drop In Euphrates River By Turkey Portends Humanitarian Catastrophe In NE Syria

Hammoud Hamadin, an administrative official in the Tishreen Dam said on Saturday that Turkey’s reduction of the Euphrates River will lead the Tishreen Dam and drinking water pumping stations to stop working.

Decentralized self-government as a model in Northern and Eastern Syria

The deputy co-chair of the ecological and municipal Autonomous Administration, Bêrîvan Omer, explains that the process of raising awareness and democratization is still progressing slowly in Rojava.

Women plant more than 3,000 trees in NE Syria

The Ecology Committee of Kongra Star has launched a campaign with the motto, “Return to social ecology led by women”. Rihan Temo, the spokesperson of the committee, told us that women have planted more than 3000 trees until now.

Jineology is Everywhere

"Jineology organizes itself on the basis of many issues such as politics, economy, diplomacy and education. Through the communes, assembly, university, and media, we were able to reach out to women," says North-East Syria Jineology Spokesperson Hena Davud.

Afrin IDPs In Aleppo Work In Plant Nursery To Sustain Living

In a plant nursery in the northern countryside of Aleppo, north Syria, displaced women from Afrin are busy with putting seedlings in small bags and filling them with soil, while men are stacking the bags close to each other.

Ecology Discussions and Practices in the Kurdish Freedom Struggle

Ecology is one of the three pillars of the paradigm of Democratic Confederalism, the political-theoretical concept of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Besides democracy and gender liberation, ecology has been mentioned explicitly as a dimension in this concept since 2005. However to date, ecology is less discussed and practiced than the two other pillars.

Cold weather damages greenhouses in Shahba

Greenhouses in Shahba have been severely damaged due to the strong wind and cold weather.

“How we built Jinwar” – The Free Woman’s Village in Rojava

Jinwar is a village made by women for women in Rojava.

Campaign to plant saplings from the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement launched a campaign to plant saplings throughout April against the destruction of nature.

Together we defend the revolution in Rojava – The defense and liberation of Afrin is the defense of the women’s revolution

Four years ago thousands of people around the world took to the streets, their hearts with Afrin, loudly expressing their opposition to Turkey’s illegal war.