With its holistic approach and all-embracing concepts, democratic confederalism is such a proposition, of a new genetic code for an organic society, incorporating a strong immune system in its DNA, and with women’s autonomy making the movement’s dynamics a powerful double helix. But although women’s autonomy might be a strong feature of this revolution, it is also important to see that the women’s perspective is not limited to it. To continue with the biological metaphor, we can say that the core of the new genetic code, the very important and basic genes that have kept the old genetic code from going fully corrupt, are the social values of care, reproduction and defense, that mainly women had been protecting. This is why the new proposition is not only featuring women’s autonomy, it is making women the new center of society, its very spine, to reinforce and unveil the role they had actually played in maintaining society alive until now.

Message to the International Co-operative Alliance conference in Rwanda and all co-operators around the world

A call for solidarity from co-operative and environmental activists in Northern Syria to the International Co-operative Alliance conference in Kigali, Rwanda and to all co-operators around the world.

We need your support – Open letter by #FridaysForFuture #Rojava

Dear students of Fridays For Future, We have been following the world wide climate protests and strikes with great excitement. And since we founded Fridays For Future Rojava in May of this year we have been protesting and striking along side you! Fridays For Future has brought young people together all over the world, united


War planes above our heads, and for the first time since the revolution began we hear the bombs falling in the city of Derik. Some friends call, also in other cities the situation is the same. For a long time, the Turkish state has been threatening the eco-socialist revolution that is happening in Rojava, and today their threats have become reality. It’s not

Strengthening the change in ecological awareness!

Since the beginning of 2015, "Mesopotamia Ecology Movement", which was formed in 2011, has entered an important process of restructuring itself. Under a new structure and with profounder political claims, more and more people are getting involved for a more ecological society, producing a new dynamic which will have short- and long-term positive effects on Northern Kurdistan.

Rojava: A practical example of ecosocialism?

This article, submitted to C&C by the Make Rojava Green Again campaign, introduces an important attempt to build a democratic, feminist and ecologist society. We look forward to further discussion of the Rojava project. The book Make Rojava Green Again can be read online or purchased in hard copy, from the MRGA website,  In 2011, in the context


All of a sudden, the door to one of the bedrooms bursts open, and a comrade shouts, “Wake up! There is a fire outside!”

Reber Apo is a Permaculturist – Permaculture and Political Transformation in North East Syria

If Reber Apo, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdish liberation movement, was a gardener, I would expect his garden to be colourful and wild, spilling out beyond its borders, a glorious mixture of vegetables, trees, flowers and vines. Drawing on his writings on political transformation, I imagine him to be a permaculturalist, creating gardens based on the wisdom of nature.

Turkey flooding Hasankeyf town with water

Turkey has started filling a huge hydroelectric dam on the Tigris River, a lawmaker and activists said, despite protests that it will displace thousands of people, the rising waters of the dam are also expected to eventually submerge the 12,000-year-old town of Hasankeyf.

Agriculture Directorate in al-Tabqa seeks to revive Abu Qubea site

The Agriculture Directorate of the Economic Committee in al-Tabqa is currently rehabilitating the agricultural site of Abu Qubea, which is estimated at 135 hectares due to the destruction and negligence when mercenaries controlled the site.

From Ashes We Rose – Support Rojava’s Farmers!

But this summer, the people of Rojava received a terrible new blow. Sleeping cells of jihadist gangs started to set fire to its first source of food and income: the wheat and barley fields that cover most of Rojava’s surface. Because of this, more than 40,000 hectares of cereals were lost, huge natural areas got also devastated and the estimated money loss reaches more than 33,000,000 dollars! This is a very serious attack to all nature and life in the region both economically and ecologically. Today, Rojava needs our support more than ever!

Photographs from attack against nature in Kobane

Thousands of decares of cultivated lands have been burned down by the Turkish state and their allied gangs in the last two months in the Kobane Canton. The vile attack against nature was documented by ANHA’s aerial photos.