Rojava-U.S. Co-op Exchange

This is an edited down version of an info session and phone bank with a representative of Rojava's cooperative movement, with a short intro to Rojava and its cooperatives by Emre Şahin of the Emergency Committee for Rojava, on 10 December, 2022

Call for Solidarity with North East Syria

Civil Diplomacy Center in NES launches an appeal for solidarity with North and East Syria, and a call to break the international silence regarding the Turkish aggression and to stand together against Turkey’s occupation policies.

A call to the Climate Movement from the Make Rojava Green Again Campaign

We call up on you to defend Rojava! We call you to raise your voices and actions, to organize and to connect with each other. We call up on you to support us in solidarity and spread the word. Let’s build an international front fighting for climate-justice! Rojava can be a role model for humanity to save mother earth. Let’s stand up for it together!

“How we built Jinwar” – The Free Woman’s Village in Rojava

Jinwar is a village made by women for women in Rojava.

US Relaxes Syria Sanctions for Food Needs, Humanitarian Aid, Infrastructure Rebuilding, Other Purposes

The Syria sanctions were relaxed on November 26, 2021, when the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of Treasury issued a new amendment to the Syria sanctions. OFAC Amendment to General License, CFR Section 542.516 relaxes the existing sanctions to allow nonprofit organizations (also called NGOs) to conduct new transactions to meet humanitarian needs.

COVID and the Solidarity Ethos in North and East Syria

Crisis and suffering have always had the power to bring clarity. When lives are at stake, competing values are inevitably brought into the sharpest relief. Coronavirus has been no different in this basic sense, but even among crises it is remarkable for the sheer scope of its impact and its truly global reach.

Explainer: NGOs in North and East Syria – political and humanitarian obstacles

Developments in aid delivery and NGO sector in NES since 2011 In the face of the mass displacements the region has seen in recent years, aid from international organizations has been slow to arrive and inadequate to meet the needs. The situation is stabilising as aid efforts become more coordinated and organized. The primary health

Water is Not a Weapon, Water is Life!

A new campaign named “Water for Rojava” has been launched two weeks ago aiming at rising funds to help women’s co-operatives and democratic local municipalities in Rojava and other parts of North-East Syria.

[Video] A perspective on the war from Jinwar women’s village (Part 1)

Rumet Heval, long time Jinwar resident and organiser, gave an interview to Women Defend Rojava from the village. In this first installment, she talks about the current situation, the relationship between science and imperialism, and the need to create a life based around collective women’s organising. The interview will continue…

Lessons for the UK from Rojava: political culture, ideology, democracy

I’m sending this message from the liberated territory of the Autonomous Administration of North East Syria, more commonly known as Rojava. I came here over half a year ago to join the work of the revolution and to learn from it. I’ve been doing ecological works – some tree planting and garden design, as well

Hundreds of Artists, Academics, and Writers Have Signed a Petition Calling for a Boycott of Cultural Institutions in Turkey

Nearly 300 cultural figures have come together to sign a petition against Turkish state-sponsored academic and cultural institutions. The petition, forged in response to the Turkish invasion of Kurdish regions of Syria, calls for a boycott of “events, activities, agreements, or projects involving [the] Turkish government or government-funded cultural institutions.”

We Stand in Solidarity with Rojava, an Example to the World

Leaders from social movements, communities and First Nations from around the world, including LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Eve Ensler and Stuart Basden on the Turkish invasion in north-east Syria