Appeal for Support: the oncology, Burns and thalassemia Hospital in NE Syria

This call for support was released by the Kurdish Red Crescent on 25 March, 2024

Due to the war conditions that the region has gone through for more than a decade, besides using all kinds of weapons that destructed the oil and gas facility causing the leakage of toxic substances and gases into the environment as well as other economic-industrial, socio-political, psycho-social factors, etc., in addition to the biological causes, all that led to increasing the rate of diseases, including serious diseases, like cancer which is danger to the whole society.

A frightening increase in cancer rates has been tracked recently in northern and eastern Syria/NES. However, the patients are facing a lot of difficulties like the siege on the region, the poor financial situation of travel costs, treatment and others. After conducting a study on cancer, the Kurdish Red Crescent Organisation/KRC/ decided to establish a hospital for tumours, burns and thalassemia in the city of Qamishlo although the capabilities are limited. The hospital was opened at the end of last year and the work started with giving some doses to patients and providing the medicines supervising by a medical team, specialised doctors, capable nurses and Lab team to conduct the necessary analyses. But the hospital still needs equipment to enable it providing medical service to the cancer, burns and thalassaemia patients well to cover the needs of the patients and provide early detection through periodic examination.

There is also an urgent need for Volunteer Doctors to join us and help, whether in treatment or giving training within the specialities (general surgery – vascular surgery – cosmetic and burns – tumours – thalassemia).

We appeal to all health international and humanitarian organisations and social figures to provide us with all the necessary needs like medical devices, medicines and other medical materials.

We also appeal good doctors for help by coming to the area and contributing to the treatment of patients and also training our medical staff in order to expand and develop the services, so they can meet the needs of the patients in the hospital.

Hoping that you do your humanitarian and moral duty towards the peoples of NES,

Kurdish Red Crescent, KRC – Heyva Sor A Kurd NGO
Headquarters: Kornish district – 12 Eben Hesham street, Al-Qamishli, Syria
Tell: +963 52 430 700 – email: – website: