Shehmaran Health Center for Natural Medicine opened in Shehba

This short report was published as part of a longer Monthly Newsletter on the development and agenda of the women‘s revolution in North and East Syria in February, 2024

In Sheba, a region where thousands of people who fled Afrin because of the Turkish occupation of Afrin in 2018 have been living for the last 6 years, a health center for natural medicine was opened by the Kongra Star Health Committee on January 15, the anniversary of their foundation. This center is intended to serve the refugees and the entire population in Shehba.

The center Shehmaran, which is named after the king of snakes known for wisdom, health and bringing happiness from Kurdish mythology, was founded with the help of the organizations Strade, Casa degli Angeli di Daniele, the Free Women‘s Foundation in Syria WJAS, Kurdistan Hilfe e.V.

In this center, four women work on a voluntary basis to care for the population in the difficult circumstances of flight and for the refugees in the various camps, as well as the entire population. A nurse, a midwife and two specialists in naturopathy and physiotherapy currently work in the health center, which was founded specifically for women and children, but treats everyone who needs assistance.