Women build common life in Jinwar

Speaking about the Internation Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the women living in the village of Jinwar, an all-women village, said that women must struggle against all forms of violence.

“We don’t face male violence here,” says Zeynep Siri, who lives in Jinwar village

Zeynep Siri, one of the women who took shelter in the in Jinwar village due to the pressure and violence they faced, who has been living in the village for four years. “I have been realizing my dreams in the village. Women should stand against the slavery to free themselves. They should defend their rights,” she said.

Rojava Women’s Co-operative DemSal

The cooperative Demsal is a project of the women's economy committee of the women's movement Kongra Star. The cooperative has been active since 2015 and the agricultural process is constantly being expanded to give women the opportunity to take their lives into their own hands.

Mother Taybet Women’s Counseling Center reaches hundreds of women in two years

The Mother Taybet Women’s Counseling Center in the Silopi district of Şırnak has become the shelter of women in the district. The center, which has received more than 50 applications from women victims of violence, aims to reach more women.

The economic reality and the social economy in NES

The economy of the autonomous Administration takes social economy as its main pillar, in which everyone participates to establish a local economy that seeks to reach self-sufficiency.

Women in NE Syria come together to develop new projects

The Women's Committee of Til Temir Council held a meeting with the participation of women co-chairs of towns and rural areas to develop new projects in order to minimize the effects of the economic crisis in the region.

Life goes on in Jinwar despite the war

War is raging in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria, and Turkish bombs have also hit near Jinwar. Nevertheless, life goes on in the women's village.

Women Of Raqqa Break “Stereotyping” After Five Years Of Liberation From ISIS

After ISIS was expelled from the city of Raqqa in northern Syria at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) supported by the US-led Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, women were enabled to play their assumed roles in all fields and break stereotyping.

Women revive life in Teanê

Women revive life in the Teanê village of Shahba by having a communal life.

Women reviving silkworm farming expect support

After breeding, rearing, and harvesting silkworms, Sevda Eren sells silk to earn a living. “The state should support us to make our labor visible,” she says.

Liberation of Manbij leads to positive changes for women

Emphasizing that the liberation of Manbij leads to positive changes for women, Nisrîn El-Elî and Hiba Dada say that the women of Manbij are more aware of their rights now.

Women’s cooperatives need spaces to sell products

The number of women’s cooperatives empowering women living in the southeastern part of Turkey to make money by selling what they produce is increasing every day. However, they do not have any space to sell their products.