Women as vanguard of the ecological and anticolonial struggle

Interview with Berivan Omer and other insights from the ecological conference.

Spokesperson of Mala Jin: Our aim is to save women from patriarchy

“Our aim is to save women from patriarchy, slavery and the tribal system,” said Yasmîn Îsa, Spokesperson of Mala Jin (Women’s House) in the El-Teyî neighborhood of Qamishlo.

Kongra Star’s 12 cooperatives provide employment to women in Til Temir

12 cooperatives started by Kongra Star Economy Committee have developed projects in Til Temir to provide employment to women and strengthen the local economy.

Family law protects rights of women and children in NE Syria

One of the achievements of women's struggle in North and East Syria is the “Family Law” that protects the rights of women and children and spreads the idea of common life in society.

Kongra Star Economy Committee creates new workplaces for women

Kongra Star Economy Committee provides employment opportunities to women by creating new workplaces for women in the city of Hasakah, northeastern Syria.

Access to kindergarten increases women’s labor force participation in NE Syria

The kindergartens opened in the Euphrates Canton of North and East Syria by the Women's Council aim to increase women’s labor force participation and provide safe and healthy spaces to children.

Hope and Contradictions: My Year in Rojava

This libertarian socialist experiment, established in the middle of one of the world’s most brutal and politically complex war zones, has tried to build a new social order rooted in feminism, ecology, direct democracy, and cooperative self-management of industry. It has survived confrontations against two separate forms of fascism and the evolving schemes and counter-schemes of the imperialist great powers that dominate the region. AANES provides a home for refugees and an island of stability in a country torn to pieces by the civil war that followed President Bashar al-Assad’s suppression of the 2011 Arab Spring revolution in Syria. But the revolution is not without its problems and limitations, which Pye will explore in a series of essays exploring the war front, the deliberative councils, the feminist spaces, the military, the factions, and the economy of this nascent society beyond the state where millions of people have lived under a form of revolutionary self-government for over ten years.

Kongra Star: We want to bring the Rojava Revolution outside North and East Syria

In this interview with ANF, Rûken Ehmed described the diplomatic work of the Kongra Star women's association in Northern and Eastern Syria: "We want to spread the Rojava Revolution to the outside world and reach women in the Middle East and Africa."

Woman opens Levant-style restaurant in Raqqa to revive her city’s culture

Reem Dhiab opened a Levant-style restaurant in Raqqa after moving from Damascus to revive the culture of her city and change perceptions of gender roles.

Preparing women’s contract in NE, Syria in coming months

Fawza Youssef indicated that work on preparing a women's contract will begin in Norh and East Syria in the coming months.

Kongra Star delegation visits JINWAR women’s village

JINWAR is the only village in the Middle East where only women live. It was opened on 25 November 2018 on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Raqqa’s rebirth gives hope

Raqqa has taken steps to recover from the devastating effects of ISIS occupation and war. The change and transformation in the city give hope.