Jinwar Women’s village newsletter February 2023

But also during the intensified war and the earthquake disaster, the daily life continues and the preparation for planting new vegetables and crops have been completed. Besides other things, beans, wheat and barley have already been planted and the women continue to bake their own delicious bread.

Qamishlo Women’s Economy Committee plants 3,800 fruit trees in Derik

Within the scope of the 'Jiyan' project promoted by the Qamishlo Women's Economy Committee, 3,800 fruit trees were planted in Derik.

‘Women are more successful than men in North and East Syria’

North and East Syrian Dêrik People’s Municipality Co-mayor Bêrivan Hisên says the number of women working for the municipality has increased since the revolution in Rojava, adding, “Women municipal workers are more successful than men.

Women develop NE Syria with communal economy

Gulê Murad, member of the Economy Committee of Kongra Star, says women both develop NE Syria and provide employment opportunities for women by developing projects.

Women plant 4,000 trees in Mele Merzê village

Economy Committee of Kongra Star in the Cizîrê region planted 4,000 trees in the Mele Merzê village of Dêrik as part of the “Jiyan” project.

Women of NE Syria maintain cultural heritage through handicrafts

Women in Qamishlo maintain their cultural heritage through handicrafts and ornaments.

Zenûbiya Women’s Community focuses on education

The main aim of the Zenûbiya Women's Community is to provide education for the whole society, particularly for women. It holds education courses based on women's liberation and the democratic nation project.

Handicrafts Turned Into Careers For Syrian Women In Qamishli

Rawada turned her knitting hobby into a profitable career to support her family through the country’s ongoing economic crisis. Rawada Hmeidi, 50, a mother of five, left Deir ez-Zor 10 years ago and settled in Qamishli, in northeast Syria. She began to knit in order to help with the family’s expenses after her husband, a

Women municipal police in Manbij

Even though women municipal police of the People's Municipality of Manbij are criticized by society claiming that “this job is a men’s job”, they keep working for the people. While the problems faced by women have been decreasing in the city with the efforts of women municipal police, the number of women municipal police is planned to be increased.

The growing struggle of women in Rojava

Rojava women's struggle began with Yekîtiya Star and moved to a new stage on 26 February 2016 under the name of Kongra Star. 52 women's organizations have been getting organised more efficiently under the umbrella of the Women's Assembly of North-East Syria.

Aygün’s small shop becomes hope for dozens of women

Aygün Binici has a small shop at the “Women's Labor Market” opened by the HDP’s Silopi Municipality. Her shop has become a hope for dozens of women because Aygün sells their products at her shop.

Young women empower despite attacks

In Tell Tamer, young women keep working to empower women economically despite the ongoing Turkish attacks. The women attending the Martyr Berfin sewing course started by the Young Women’s Movement received their certificates after completing the course.