The co-chair system

The goal of the revolution in Rojava has been to build up a system that genuinely represents all parts of society, according to the concept of the “democratic nation”. The democratic nation is a paradigm of cooperation and co-governance between all ethnicities, groups, beliefs and religions. According to the political philosophy of respected Kurdish leader Abduallah Ocalan, gender equality must be at the heart of this effort. This fundamental assertion has resulted in the successful implementation of a system called co-chairing, in North and East Syria. Under the co-chair system, institutions at every level of government are headed by both a man and a woman. As a result, there is no place in the political system in which the needs and will of both women and men are not acknowledged. This is a unique system in the world, and a living laboratory for true gender equality.

Agricultural cooperatives develop with women in North-East Syria

The Economic Committee of the North-East Syria manages 45 thousand acres of agricultural land through cooperatives which provide income for about a thousand women.

6 women’s cooperatives in Tirbê Spî aim to empower women

Six women’s cooperatives, agriculture and bakery cooperatives, have been started in Tirbê Spî, town of Qamishlo. 46 women make a living at these cooperatives.

Qamishlo Women’s Economy Committee plants 3,800 fruit trees in Derik

Within the scope of the 'Jiyan' project promoted by the Qamishlo Women's Economy Committee, 3,800 fruit trees were planted in Derik.

Women develop NE Syria with communal economy

Gulê Murad, member of the Economy Committee of Kongra Star, says women both develop NE Syria and provide employment opportunities for women by developing projects.

Women plant 4,000 trees in Mele Merzê village

Economy Committee of Kongra Star in the Cizîrê region planted 4,000 trees in the Mele Merzê village of Dêrik as part of the “Jiyan” project.

Rîhan Temo: War policies cause ecological destruction

Pointing out that the war policies of the ruling powers cause ecological destruction, Rîhan Temo, Spokesperson of the Ecology Committee of Kongra Star, said that despite warnings for earthquakes, the Turkish state did not ensure the safety of the people

The growing struggle of women in Rojava

Rojava women's struggle began with Yekîtiya Star and moved to a new stage on 26 February 2016 under the name of Kongra Star. 52 women's organizations have been getting organised more efficiently under the umbrella of the Women's Assembly of North-East Syria.

Young women empower despite attacks

In Tell Tamer, young women keep working to empower women economically despite the ongoing Turkish attacks. The women attending the Martyr Berfin sewing course started by the Young Women’s Movement received their certificates after completing the course.

Women’s Council plans to open 10 “Houses of Life” in 2023

The Women's Council in the Euphrates Region has carried out many projects for women and children since its foundation. The council plans to open 10 “Houses of Life” in 2023.

Agricultural projects of Kongra Star aim to empower women

The Economy Committee of the Kongra Star has launched a new agricultural project to support displaced women.

Rîhan Temo: War deepens environmental problems

Speaking about the effects of the Syrian war and conflicts on the environment, Kongra Star Ecology Committee Spokesperson Rîham Temo said that the main source of the problem is the patriarchal-state system.