Spokesperson of Mala Jin: Our aim is to save women from patriarchy

“Our aim is to save women from patriarchy, slavery and the tribal system,” said Yasmîn Îsa, Spokesperson of Mala Jin (Women’s House) in the El-Teyî neighborhood of Qamishlo.

Kongra Star’s 12 cooperatives provide employment to women in Til Temir

12 cooperatives started by Kongra Star Economy Committee have developed projects in Til Temir to provide employment to women and strengthen the local economy.

Kongra Star Economy Committee creates new workplaces for women

Kongra Star Economy Committee provides employment opportunities to women by creating new workplaces for women in the city of Hasakah, northeastern Syria.

Kongra Star: We want to bring the Rojava Revolution outside North and East Syria

In this interview with ANF, Rûken Ehmed described the diplomatic work of the Kongra Star women's association in Northern and Eastern Syria: "We want to spread the Rojava Revolution to the outside world and reach women in the Middle East and Africa."

Women from Rojava are also leading in the economic field

With 78 cooperatives, women also play a leading role in building a solidarity economy in Rojava. The construction of the economy takes place under war conditions.

Kongra Star delegation visits JINWAR women’s village

JINWAR is the only village in the Middle East where only women live. It was opened on 25 November 2018 on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Shehmaran Health Center for Natural Medicine opened in Shehba

In Sheba, a region where thousands of people who fled Afrin because of the Turkish occupation of Afrin in 2018 have been living for the last 6 years, a health center for natural medicine was opened by the Kongra Star Health Committee on January 15, the anniversary of their foundation. This center is intended to

Webinar on the Rojava Revolution at the World Social Forum in Nepal

On the morning of 17 February, a session was held on “Rojava Revolution, an Alternative World Being Built in North and East Syria,” organized by the Civil Diplomacy Center in North and East Syria, in collaboration with the Kongra Star Women’s Movement and the Jineology Center. 50 people from all over the world participated online to learn about the methods of the people- and women-led revolution in North and East Syria.

New Campaign of the Women’s Ecological Platform of Rojava

To the press and the public: This year, as part of the campaign “Freedom for Öcalan and a political solution to the Kurdish question”, we will be carrying out the campaign “Building forests against desertification”, which we do every year. We took a step a month ago by reading the old minutes of the meeting

From Rojava to all freedom-loving people of the world

Today is the 25th of December. At this moment, there are sounds of war planes in the air.

Fact sheet: Cotton field shelled by Turkey in recent attacks, 5 women injured.

On 9 October 2023, the fascist Turkish army attacked a cotton field in northern Syria, injuring 5 female workers. In this document we have gathered information on this attack.

Kongra Star provides employment opportunity to women

The Economy Committee of the Kongra Star have put many projects into practice in Kobanê Canton to promote women’s economic empowerment. 150 women have participated in the labor force thanks to these projects.