Women plant more than 3,000 trees in NE Syria

The Ecology Committee of Kongra Star has launched a campaign with the motto, “Return to social ecology led by women”. Rihan Temo, the spokesperson of the committee, told us that women have planted more than 3000 trees until now.

Anticapitalist Economy in Rojava: The Contradictions of the Revolution in The Kurdish Struggle (Intro)

This thesis looks into the anticapitalist economy and the organization of social relations in the context of the revolution and autonomy of Rojava (Kurdistan-Syria); it questions both the limitations and the historical problems of the phenomenon of Revolution as such, and the conflicts and contradictions that have emerged in this process. This work also feeds off the conflicts and contradictions I have constantly felt as a “political subject” who wants to change the world, especially through my experience in the Kurdish struggle and the Kurdish Movement. For this reason, every question I ask and try to answer in this thesis—given that it refers to a certain extent to the Kurds, Rojava, and the world in general—involves my own subjectivity.

Tree nursery named after Hevrîn Xelef opened in Qamishlo

A tree nursery named after Hevrîn Xelef has been opened in Qamishlo. The saplings, grown in memory of the Kurdish politician murdered by mercenaries loyal to Turkey, will be planted for the reforestation of Rojava.

Women are leading- The result of decades of heroic resistance and struggle by women’s movements

In this text, Women Defend Rojava shows the latest developments in North- and East Syria.

Mala Jin: Empowering women and strengthening society

The Women’s Revolution in Rojava has for more than 10 years brought forward women in Northern and Eastern Syria who dedicate their lives to helping and supporting women in their daily lives in the face of all forms of hardship and threat. Mala Jin is one of these organizations that not only helps and supports them, but also actively works for women and society to live freely. This booklet, prepared by Kongra Star, is intended to provide a better insight into Mala Jin and to recognize the work and commitment of these women.

Projects for economic independence in Til Temir

The  Economy Committee of NE Syria has developed many projects to empower women’s economy in Til Temir. The members of the committee visit villages to implement their projects. “Our aim is to develop an independent economy,” they say.

Zenobiya Women’s Union plans to expand its work to all of Syria

The women's union Zenobiya works for the organization of women in the north and east Syrian regions of Raqqa, Tabqa, Manbij and Deir ez-Zor. However, the work is to be extended to all of Syria.

Women Strengthen Economy

Kongra Star Economy Committee Administrator Armanc Muhamed spoke to Jinha Women's News Agency about the economic projects led by women after the Revolution in Rojava.

After Ten Years of Developing the Science of Women: My Feelings about Jineolojî

Jineolojî, which we define as the science of women, life, society and as meaning, has been trying to intervene in the field of social sciences for more than a decade.

Women’s gains in North and East Syria in 2021 testify to their successes

During the year 2021, women in north and east Syria made many achievements at various levels: Diplomatic, political, economic and organizational, and women's organizations intensified the pace of their activities aimed at reaching the largest possible segment of women in the world to support them to achieve their rights and freedom.

Remziye Mihemed: Women’s successes in 2021 make positive changes

Remziye Mihemed, Spokesperson of Kongra Star, evaluates their works in 2021 and points out that the successes of women make positive changes in the region.

Kindergartens opened by Kongreya Star help children grow up in a healthy environment

Kongreya Star’s Aleppo Office continues to open kindergartens to reduce the burden of working women and to help children grow up in a healthy environment.