Kongra Star Economy Committee creates new workplaces for women

This report by Delal Ramazan was published by Jinha Women’s News Agency on 18 April, 2024

Kongra Star Economy Committee provides employment opportunities to women by creating new workplaces for women in the city of Hasakah, northeastern Syria.

Since the revolution that started in North and East Syria on July 19, 2012, women have been participating in all facets of life, including the labour force. Being excluded from working life before the revolution, the women now play important roles in promoting regional and local production.

Kongra Star Economy Committee in Hasakah provides employment opportunities to women by developing projects despite the ongoing siege imposed by the Syrian government and the Turkish attacks. It also promotes women’s participation in the labour force to secure their financial future. The committee has opened sewing workshops and established a factory employing more than 35 women. It promotes women’s labour force participation by opening bakeries in IDPs camps such as Washokani Camp and Al-Talea Camp.

‘We aim to reveal the collective spirit’

The aim of our projects is to increase women’s independence and participation in the labor force, said Salma Ahmed, member of the committee. “The main purpose of our projects is to empower women and support them to get their economic independence without depending on anyone. We aim to reveal the collective spirit by making women partners of the projects.”

‘Women should participate in the labor force’

In Hasakah, women take part in many projects developed by the committee about agriculture, carpet weaving, bakery, sewing and gardening. “25 women work in the sewing workshop. This project will continue for a year,” said Salma Ahmed, who also talked about the projects that they want to realise soon. “Wells will be dug for irrigation. In addition, there is a need for women who can work as carpet cleaners. We will hold meetings with communes to reach women. During the meetings, we will give information about cooperatives.”

Salma Ahmed believes that women should participate in the labour force to get their economic independence and support their families. “Women should take part in the projects of the committee because these projects will prevent women from being exploited by men.”

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