Lavîn Workshop Hasakah

Lavîn is a name used for various textile workshops throughout North and East Syria, with branches in Kobani, Qamishlo, Derbasiyah, and Girkê Legê.

This Lavîn Workshop is a textile co-operative in Hasakah.

In 2020 during the Covid-19 epidemic the workshop is producing medical scrubs to provide to healthcare workers free of charge. Their goal is to produce 500 per day, though a worker noted that they worried about the availability of fabric.

Women’s Toil Eases Burdens of Economic Crisis

Despite the simple capabilities under the capitalist economy, and the constant attacks of the occupier on the regions of northeast and Syria, the economic toil of women has bore fruit to good results during 2020, as they played a leading role in easing the economic crisis that the region suffer from.

Lavin Sewing Workshop Co-op in Rojava Provides 500 Medical Scrubs Daily for Free

In the context of the community initiatives undertaken by the people of northern and eastern Syria, “Lavin” sewing workshop produces 500 pieces of medical scrubs on a daily basis as an aid to doctors and hospitals.

How North and East Syria’s Co-operatives and Autonomous Structures Handle a Pandemic

North and East Syria faces serious challenges in the fight against COVID-19. 600,000 IDPs and refugees live in camps across the region, their situation already precarious without a pandemic. Ongoing attacks by Turkish forces, Turkey-backed militias, and ISIS complicate the security situation and threaten essential civilian infrastructure like water lines. According to the Rojava Information Center,