Project launched in Raqqa to strengthen the economy of women

This short report was shared in the April 2024 edition of Kongra Star’s monthly newsletter on the development and agenda of the women‘s revolution in North and East Syria

Azize Al Utba teaches handicrafts, especially to abused and disabled women, so that they can become self-confident and strengthen their economy.

Azize Al Utbe has been working as a designer for many years and provides for herself and her 4 children. Azize has a cause: she wants to teach women, especially women with family problems who have been abused and women with disabilities, how to design. Azize (42) comes from Raqqa and moved to Hama with her family during ISIS control. After the liberation of Raqqa by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), she returned to Raqqa in 2018 and became a full resident of the city in late 2023 after seeing the situation of women in the northern and eastern regions of Syria and their achievements under the Autonomous Administration.

Aziza Al Utba said: “The reason why I chose women who have been abused and have special needs is because I know their pain and I want to help them restore faith in themselves. Through a project, they can start a new life and support themselves.“ Azize continued: “Through this completed project, the most important materials for designing were provided and suitable methods for teaching painting, painting on the throne, designing clothes and painting on them were found. They were also given psychological support to help them become stronger personally and professionally and approach all tasks with great confidence.”