Water for Rojava 2022 Delegation Report

💧 The Water for Rojava Committee went on a delegation to North and East Syria (NES, also known as Rojava) during the month of October, 2022. The delegation included members of Siemenpuu (Finland), Solidarity Economy Association (UK), Roots for Change (Switzerland), and a local friend for translation and logistical support. The main purpose of the delegation was to further develop relationships with relevant people and structures in NES, especially the women’s economic structures (Aboriya Jin) and Water Departments (Desteya Avê), as well as to visit projects the Water for Rojava Campaign has supported; scope potential for future projects we might support, and other structures we might work with. We also aimed to facilitate, or understand the need or desire for training and education on relevant topics.

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Download and read the report below 👇