Qamishlo in Rojava Gets its First Co-operative Park

The Environmental Office in the Municipality of East Qamishlo [Qamişlo / Qamishli / Al-Qamishli] is working to renovate Shehid Warshin Park, and invest in it as a co-operative society for the people in the commune of Shehid Farhan, in the Ashuriyah district. Shehid Warshin is lacking services and people have to go very far if they want to

The First Women’s Co-op in Manbij: The House of Delight

The Women’s Committee in Manbij [Minbic / Mumbuj] formed a co-operative for women on 6 September in co-ordination with the Economic Committee. It included a number of women who will make winter foods and distribute them to the markets. The co-operative includes 10 workers who joined as members by buying 16 shares. The co-operative will aim to support the women’s

Will Syria’s Kurds Succeed at Self-sufficiency?

GAZIANTEP — Most Syrian cities are reeling under the effects of the ongoing civil war, which has naturally dealt a blow to the local and national economies. Amid the conflict, the Kurdish-controlled areas of Jazira, Kobani and Afrin in the north are attempting to become economically self-sufficient, but receiving goods, including raw materials and medicines, from inside Syria is a struggle. Traders control the market entirely, deciding on shipments and setting prices at will,

A Pioneering Poultry Project for Rojava

The Poultry Project in Hasakah [Hesekê / Hesîçe / Al-Hasakah] is aiming to raise about 18,000 chickens every three months, which will produce about 72 tons of chicken meat per year. This will meet the needs of Jazira Canton [Kantona Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre] for meat. This level of meat production used to be met by the local poultry farms that were spread around the

Shengaliyah Village, an Example of Co-operation

Starting with the principle of communal life and participation, the people of Shengaliyah in the area of Rajo, in Afrin Canton [Kantona Efrînê‎ / Afrîn], have started preparing to open a hall for celebration parties and funeral ceremonies. One of the people of the village donated a piece of land with an area of 3,000 square meters,

Shehîd Hamo Coop Harvests Crops

The members of the Shehîd Hamo Agricultural Co-operative in Tal Hames started harvesting their barley crops. This co-operative provides additional income to 27 families. Shehîd Hamo Agricultural Co-operative was formed last September. 27 people participated, and each paid 27,000 SYP [Syrian Pounds] for a share. The co-operative started planting barley on 535 dunams [decares] of agricultural land. The
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Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women

Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women. Two Testimonies. Following the adoption of the democratic confederalism paradigm by the PKK in 2005 as a continuity in the political evolution begun in the nineties, the legal Kurdish movement in Northern Kurdistan (Turkey) began a process of autonomization from the Turkish State. Legal Kurdish Parties

A New Co-operative Shop Opens in Afrin

Six people in Qestel Xidir village in the area of Bulbul have opened a co-operative society in co-ordination with the Centre for Economic Development. The shop will satisfy people’s needs for food and cleaning products in the surrounding villages. Each participant is paying 3,000 SYP [Syrian Pounds], and the shop’s rent is 5,000 SYP per month. Two people are working

Teachers Co-operatives in Qamishlo

The fourth conference of the Teachers’ Union in Jazira [Kantona Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre] finished with important decisions, including granting teachers special health care services at lower prices, and forming special cooperative societies for the Union. The conference was held in the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering in Rojava University under the banner, “With the Teachers’ Union we will achieve unity