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Review: New book gives inspiring account of Rojava’s revolutionary bid for autonomy and women’s liberation

Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy & Women’s Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan By Michael Knapp, Anja Flack & Ercan Ayboga (translated by Janet Biehl) Pluto, 2016 285 pp., $38.95 Rojava, which is Kurdish for the “west”, is to be found in Northern Syria. In the middle of a conflict zone, marked by the war against the

The First Cooperative in Bulbul, Afrin

The Centre for Economic Development in Bulbul is working to open the first cooperative society there in a week’s time. The cooperative will be a centre for the sale and exchange of gas cylinders. In a move to develop the communal economy and block the way of monopolisers, the Centre for Economic Development in Afrin held a meeting
Rojava, Syria, Kurdistan, women, feminism

Against Repression, Patriarchy and War: a Marxist critique of the women’s struggle in Rojava

For years, the revolutionary movement in Syria was met with apathy and paralysis from Western leftist movements and parties. In the summer of 2014, an astonishing turn-around took place. Since then, a lot of attention has been given to the struggle of the Kurdish people in Rojava, West-Kurdistan [1]. As the resistance of fighters in the

The Centre for Women’s Economy Opens Dairy Factory

Since its inception, The Centre for Women’s Economy has been supporting projects and cooperatives that are connected to women. Women in Rojava have proven that they are able to manage economic projects, whether agricultural or industrial. After their success in these cooperative projects, the Centre for Women’s Economy has begun to expand them. Their role is to

The Bulgur Factory Cooperative Project: Supporting Communal Economy and Creating Jobs

Avin Suleyman, an administrator in the Bulgur Factory Cooperative in Hesekê [Hesîçe / Al-Hasakah], stressed that the aim of forming the coop in the city is to give support to as many people as possible, and help those who are looking for opportunities─whether they want to make a financial contribution, or simply to work in

The First Women’s Agricultural Coop in Cindirêsê

The first women’s agricultural cooperative society has been formed in the area of Cindirêsê [Jandairis / Jandires / Cindarisa] in Afrîn [Afrin / Efrîn‎], with the participation of twelve members from Kongreya Star, the communes and civil society in the area.  As part of their effort to develop a women’s economy, members of Kongreya Star set up the
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The Rojava Experiment

Behind the frontlines in Syria, a self-governing Kurdish region is making a radical attempt at gender equality. The brutal recapture of Aleppo by Syrian government forces and its allies at the end of 2016 does not bode well for another enclave of resistance: the predominantly Kurdish area in northern Syria. Here, in a long strip
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The Role of Communes in the Communal Economy, Nisrîn and Shîlan are Examples of Successful Co-operatives

''Considering the economic situation, the deterioration of the living conditions and the lives of some of the people who live around the two communes, some steps have been taken to help them and support them financially. By letting people participate in the co-operative as members and workers who sell necessities at reduced prices, we help the people to endure the living conditions in the suburbs. There are some people who live in the neighbourhood working in the two projects, and that is reducing unemployment and creating a workforce. We are aiming to increase the economic projects around the commune in order to include more people, help them and cover their needs.''