Poultry Farming Co-op for Arab women in Um-El Rabih village

A co-operative Poultry Farming Project for Arab women living in the Um-El Rabih village of Amuda town, NE Syria. Eight Arab women are involved in the project and they have about 80 chickens; each woman raises 10 chickens. The aim of this project is to support women financially so that women can stand on their own feet and maintain their lives. The Amuda Economy Committee bought chickens for the women and provided food for chickens so that the women could feed them. The women will work on the project for a year, then will return the original chickens, but will keep chicks and eggs. In this way, the women can make money and have economic freedom. Most of the women living in the village are women forcibly displaced from the occupied city of Serêkaniye. Fiinancial condition are bad. This project supports women to stand on our own feet and earn a living by selling eggs.

Kongra Star supports women victims of war by developing projects

The Economy Committee of Kongra Star has developed a “poultry farming project” to support Arab women’s economic empowerment. The committee plans to develop more projects for women.