Erisa Bakery Co-operative

Erisa is a co-operative bakery in the village of Attala, 10 kilometres north of Sheddadi. The Committee of Co-operative Societies in Hasakah opened the bakery due to a bread shortage in the region. The project cost 40 million SYP [Syrian Pounds]. The bakery distributed 500 shares when it opened at a cost of 50,000 SYP per share. Samir Sadiq, a member of the Union of Co-operative Societies, said, “The bakery’s production capacity will be four tons of bread, and that will cover the needs of about 2,500 families for bread.”

As of November 2020, there are three bakeries around Sheddadi. Darb Bakery provides bread to the eastern countryside, Erisa co-operative bakery supplies bread to the western countryside, and the automated (Syrian government) bakery provides bread to the northern and southern areas. Each bakery receives a daily allocation of flour. The government bakery gets 9 tons, Darb bakery gets 5 tons, and Erisa gets 7 tons.

Bread Crisis in Syria’s Shaddadi Due to Insufficient Flour Distribution

Fahed Khedair, an official in Shaddadi City Council’s Economic Committee, said on Sunday that they had obtained approval to increase the quantities of flour in bakeries in order to solve a bread shortage.

The Village of Attala Opens Erisa Bakery Co-operative

Considering the shortage of bread around the villages of Sheddadi, the Committee of Co-operative Societies in Hasakah has opened Erisa Bakery Co-operative in the village of Attala, 10 kilometres north of Sheddadi.