Education in mother language saves communities from extinction

After the Revolution in Rojava, the education system in NE Syria has been fundamentally changed. Mother language has been officially taught in all schools based on the principle of a democratic nation that protects the rights of all nations. Children are educated in their mother language and this saves communities in NE Syria from extinction and protects their cultural, artistic and historical heritage.

“When we say defense, most people think of weapons, but this is not all” – HPC, North and East Syria’s Civil Defense Forces

While North and East Syria’s (NES) Women’s and People’s Defense Units (the YPJ and YPG) have taken worldwide headlines for their role in the defeat of ISIS’ caliphate and continue to garner attention, a much lesser-known force in NES is the HPC – Civil Defense Forces. The HPC exist across the region of NES: small, neighborhood groups of volunteers who undertake defense activities on a local level in a decentralized manner. HPC-Jin is the women’s arm of the force. RIC followed the activities of different HPC groups around NES, visited HPC centers, and interviewed several HPC members to shed light on their work, explore how “defense” is defined within the HPC and see the challenges they face.

Turkish attacks destroying the future of a generation of young women [Part 2]

With Aya Ali al-Muhammad, we continue to tell a series of stories of young women murdered by the Turkish army in North and East Syria. Young women who took their share of responsibility in a war-torn region and died at their places of work. They leave families in pain, but also a society that remains determined to leave the time of war behind and to build peaceful and democratic coexistence together with all the ethnic groups of the region.

Turkish airstrikes on Suwaydiyah power station: documenting the damage

Turkey has established a systematic practice of targeting NES’ power infrastructure in period airstrike campaigns, usually lasting several days. Amongst Turkey’s key targets is the Suwaydiyah gas and electricity station. This vital station is NES’ only domestic gas bottling plant and a key source of electricity for vital services such as hospitals, mills, bakeries and oil extraction facilities.