Women Find Solution for Scaling Up Bread Production in NE Syria

Women in the city of Raqqa see significant progress in the economic field, because women have proven themselves.

Raqqa Zenûbiya Women’s Community Office launches campaign to plant 4,500 saplings

The Economic Committee of the Raqqa Zenûbiya Women's Community Office launched a campaign to plant 4,500 saplings.

Zenûbiya Women’s Community focuses on education

The main aim of the Zenûbiya Women's Community is to provide education for the whole society, particularly for women. It holds education courses based on women's liberation and the democratic nation project.

The growing struggle of women in Rojava

Rojava women's struggle began with Yekîtiya Star and moved to a new stage on 26 February 2016 under the name of Kongra Star. 52 women's organizations have been getting organised more efficiently under the umbrella of the Women's Assembly of North-East Syria.

Liberation of Manbij leads to positive changes for women

Emphasizing that the liberation of Manbij leads to positive changes for women, Nisrîn El-Elî and Hiba Dada say that the women of Manbij are more aware of their rights now.

Model organization for all women: Kongra Star [Parts 1 and 2]

Women have been leading a historical revolution in a small country of the world. While the brutal attacks of ISIS on Rojava have been repelled by the resistance of women, their resistance encourages all women around the world. Despite the ongoing attacks on Rojava, women organize them in all areas, from economy to ecology, from politics to diplomacy. Yekitiya Star announced its foundation in 2005 under the pressure of the Baathist regime. After holding its sixth congress, the name of Yekitiya Star was changed to its current name of Kongra Star. Kongra Star, which has carried out important activities for women in Rojava, has 12 committees aiming to build the Democratic Nation.

Mala Jin becomes symbol of women’s revolution

Mala Jin (Women’s House, a kind of women’s shelter) was first opened in Qamishlo. Now, it has 62 branches across northeastern Syria. It has become a space of hope and solution for women in the region and a role model for the whole world.

Zenobiya Women’s Union plans to expand its work to all of Syria

The women's union Zenobiya works for the organization of women in the north and east Syrian regions of Raqqa, Tabqa, Manbij and Deir ez-Zor. However, the work is to be extended to all of Syria.

Zenûbiya calls on women to come together under same umbrella

Zenûbiya Women's Community has carried out many activities, actions, and works such as activating committees and coordination, holding meetings for women, enacting laws prohibiting child marriage, and empowering women’s economy. The community’s spokesperson and executives call on women to come together under the same umbrella.

“Women of Deir ez-Zor are stronger now”

In Deir ez-Zor, more women have taken part in decision-making at all levels since their city was liberated from ISIS. The women of the city have become stronger since the foundation of the Women’s Council.