Women Find Solution for Scaling Up Bread Production in NE Syria

Zenobiya Women’s Bakeries

Three bakeries opened by the Zenobiya Women's Office in Raqqa, producing, sele bread, darnak bread and various types of fetayir made especially in Raqqa.

This report was published by the Women’s Economy Committee of Kongra Star Women’s Movement in North and East Syria, 9 May, 2022

Women in the city of Raqqa see significant progress in the economic field, because women have proven themselves.

One of the most important ways in which women have developed themselves in North and East Syria is through expanding economic opportunities for women by entering jobs and various fields they have traditionally been excluded from.

Five years after the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS, we are witnessing the development of women’s labour and an increased desire of women to work outside the home, especially though economic projects initiated by the Women’s Economic Committee at the Zenobiya Women’s Association office in Raqqa and its surrounding rural area. Women have been able to prove themselves in all practical and professional levels across North and East Syria.

Nisrin Hasen, a representative of the women’s economy committee of the Zenobiya Women’s Office spoke about the principle of cooperative economy that forms part of the economic development in recent times in the liberated areas.

Nisrin Hasen emphasised the necessity of women’s participation in work, explaining that three bakeries have been opened, producing, sele bread, darnak bread and various types of fetayir made especially in Raqqa. There are around a dozen women working autonomously in these bakeries.

Nesrin explained how the dough is kneaded and baked according to the necessary requirements and the work in these ovens starts from 7 in the morning and continues until 4 in the afternoon in order to fulfil the needs of the people and to find solutions for providing bread in the economic crisis that the region is going through.