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From Kobane to Tabqa: Academia begins to thrive in Northern Syria

In the reconstruction process of Northern Syria, one of the first priorities by the Democratic Administration has been to develop institutions of Higher Education. On Friday, the Tabqa [Tebqa / Al-Thawrah] Legislative council attended the inauguration of the Democratic Society Academy which was set to begin classes on the following day. Source: ANF English Ferzende Munzir, an official

Cooperatives are Taking Root in North Syria

Cooperative societies have been established in North Syria to develop the communal economy. They have proven that they can satisfy people’s needs and prevent some traders from monopolising, and so far there are more than 142 co-operatives. A co-operative society is an independent group of people who co-operate voluntarily for shared social, economic and cultural benefits.
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Women’s village: Jinwar

On autonomous spaces, the connection of struggles and women’s revolution in Rojava We came to Rojava as women and feminist internationalists, eager to learn from the Kurdish Women’s Movement, to live and to work with our Kurdish friends and comrades and to be part of the revolutionary process of building up and defending vivid alternatives

Report of Afrin Executive Council Meeting in August

The Executive Council in Afrin [Afrîn / Efrîn‎] has put forward future plans in its annual report, which was presented to the Legislative Assembly during a meeting. The plans are related to society and the obstacles that the region has been facing for a year. The meeting was held in Afrin, and it was attended by Hevi