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The Centre for Women’s Economy in Qamishlo Starts Agricultural Cooperative Project

The Centre for Women's Economy held a meeting for the communes and women's bodies in its headquarters in West Street in the city of Qamishlo, to start work on the agricultural cooperative project that was scheduled a month ago. The meeting was attended by members of local councils, communes and women's bodies.
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“Our Goal is the Development of Cooperatives”

Hassan said that their primary goal is the development of cooperatives and they went ahead with some pilot projects in this area, where they sought to encourage people to set up cooperative societies through communes.

Qamishlo Livestock Cooperative: a Source of Economic Development in Rojava

Qamişlo – Participation increases to 1,500 members in a livestock cooperative formed by the Qamishlo People’s Assembly. The Qamishlo People’s assembly formed the livestock cooperative in October 2016, and membership registration has been open ever since. The Council has allocated a large farm for breeding cattle in Naqara village, about 12km from the city of Qamishlo,
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The No State Solution: Institutionalizing Libertarian Socialism in Kurdistan

In what many outside of the territory are referring to as the Rojava Revolution, a major shift in political philosophy and political programmatics has taken place in Kurdistan. Yet, this shift is not limited to the region of Rojava, or what many call Syrian or Western Kurdistan – a region where the Democratic Union Party
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What kind of economy is being built in Rojava?

In October 2016 Peter Loo travelled to Rojava* to volunteer as an English teacher and participate in work within civil society – the outcome of over 14 months of organising within the Plan C Rojava solidarity cluster. He is currently working for the SYPG campaign in Qamishlo. As well as directly offering his skills Peter has been able to visit places in Rojava and speak to many people as the future of Rojava, and Syria in general, continues to hang in the air. This interview took place late in December 2016.
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Women and Rojava’s Cooperative Societies

''Through the communal economy we will break the siege on Rojava. The economy is the backbone of the community, and this will happen only through the participation of women, because women are half of the society and they will play a significant role in improving the economy.
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Co-operatives and Communes: the third way of Rojava in the Syrian conflict

A journey into the heart of the revolution and the strategies of transition towards a social economy: the multiplication of communes and cooperatives, and experimentation with new models of social, political and economic organisation.