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Free women are the basis for a free society

On 21 September 2014, the International Day of Peace, a women’s organisation for feminism in the Middle East was founded. The Foundation of Weqfa Jin Azad in Rojava (Foundation of Free Women of Rojava) was established, in a region in which war reigns, which has shocked the world through its brutality, but also in the

Towards Counter-Hegemony: The Cooperative Option in Supporting and Rebuilding Rojava

Amidst the onslaught of the Daesh (otherwise known as ISIS or ISIL) and the wide media coverage of refugees pouring into Europe, a major event remains tremendously under-reported. This under-reporting has occurred among both corporate media and Western Left outlets. This turn of events – which is underway in a region of Syria – is

First Economy Conference Finishes with Important Decisions

Girkê Legê [Al-Muabbada] – The first economy conference in Rojava finished with decisions and recommendations covering all economic areas. It was held on 16th October at Aram Dikran Cultural Center in Rumelan [Rumelan / Rimelan / Ramelan / Rmelan / Rmeilan] under the banner ”Let your soil, water and energy become the source of a free and democratic

Cooperatives in Portugal Are Willing to Cooperate with Cooperatives in Rojava

Bordeaux – Cooperatives in Portugal are hoping to cooperate with the cooperatives of the democratic self-governance in Rojava. The union of cooperatives organised a conference in its headquarters in Bordeaux about the system of management in Rojava. Senam Muhammad, representative of the democratic self-governance in Rojava, was one of the attendants. Other attendants were the

Hevgirtin Cooperative Forms Its Board of Directors

During a meeting in Serekaniye [Serê Kaniyê / Ras al-Ayn], Hevgirtin appointed a board of directors that consisted of 11 members. It was among the list of activities of Hevgirtin to have meetings in the cities of Al Jazeera [Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre / Jazira Canton] and. The meeting was held in Washuni cultural centre and

The ‘Rojava Revolution’ in Syrian Kurdistan: A Model of Development for the Middle East?

Abstract As the civil war in Syria continues, in the territory of Rojava – in Kurdish, ‘the West’ – the northern Syrian Kurdish political movement is attempting to implement ‘libertarian municipalism’, based on the thoughts of United States (US) anarchist Murray Bookchin. Since the withdrawal of Syrian regime forces in 2012, the movement has consolidated

Economic Self-Governance in Democratic Autonomy: The Example of Bakur (Turkish Kurdistan)

The “Apoist”1 thread of the Kurdish Movement, which today involves many actors and organizations in military and political capacities, has gravitated away from the idea of founding a state. With the capture of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and his following imprisonment in İmralı, followed by a so-called paradigm shift with the theses he developed during
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Regaining hope in Rojava

This is a revolution in consciousness, not only in politics, and it has transformed the lives of countless women and men for generations to come. Sometime in early February, I was excited to receive an invitation to participate in a women’s delegation to Rojava, the de-facto autonomous Kurdish majority region in northern Syria. The delegation