Hevgirtin Cooperative Forms Its Board of Directors

Originally published in Arabic on http://encumenacibiciker.info on 2016-06-14

During a meeting in Serekaniye [Serê Kaniyê / Ras al-Ayn], Hevgirtin appointed a board of directors that consisted of 11 members.

It was among the list of activities of Hevgirtin to have meetings in the cities of Al Jazeera [Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre / Jazira Canton] and. The meeting was held in Washuni cultural centre and it included the members of the co-op that reached 500 members and who have 1484 shares in the co-op. Among the attendants were Delsha Mustafa, a member of the economic committee in Al Jazeera canton. Khalil Osman, co-president of The Movement for Democratic Society.

In a speech delivered by the member of the economic committee in Al Jazeera canton, she stressed the purpose of forming this co-op and said ” Our goal is to block the way of those who want to monopolise the market, especially food. And to break the blockade on our cantons”.

She added that the participation of people in the co-op empowers them and increases their sense of responsibility and team work, and strengthens their unity that would enable them to create a free democratic and ethical society. It would also prevent monopoly and develop the community economy.

After the speech 11 members were elected for the board to take charge of the management of community projects in the region.