Sûka Xidra (Vegetable Market)

The Women’s Economic Committee in Amuda opened a vegetable market in May 2020 where 10 women sell vegetables, food and detergents, and two administrators from the Women’s Economy Committee supervise the selling process. The vegetable market sells local materials and vegetables. It secures vegetables from the women’s economy committee’s orchard, food and detergents from the Dem Sal factories in the Derbesiye region. The project will help women to be finanically autonomous, and the aim is to increase the number of women vendors to 20 very soon. One of the sellers in the market is Buhar Kawa, who said that their prices are acceptable and low, and that it is a market that will benefit the community.

Market to Secure Jobs for Women Brings Prices Down

The Women's Economy Committee in Amuda district opened a market for vegetables and foodstuffs to break the price and monopoly.