Shîlan Co-operative

After the success the commune accomplished with Nisrîn, the members of the commune formed a new co-operative called Shîlan in the Hilaliyah neighbourhood, with the participation of Shahid Aram commune. Shîlan is a shop that sells underwear, and the co-op is made up of 141 members. The price of a share is 10,000 SYP. Each member of the two communes contributed 50,000 SYP in order to support the project.

Shîlan has one female worker who sells underwear with the supervision of the administrative committee of the co-operative, which consists of three women. She also contributed a sum of money as a member, and she gets her salary besides a share of the dividends of the co-operative. Shahid Saleh commune and Shahid Aram dedicate 10,000 SYP to be added to her monthly salary because she works a lot and her regular wage doesn’t match her labour. A decision was made to add the first three months profits to the capital to buy more products.

Fatima Hasan, a worker and administrator in Shîlan, said, ”I was invited to work in the co-operative by the members of the commune because they knew about my situation and my need for work. I was so happy with their initiative. Now I can help my parents with the living expenses. My job is to sell clothes, register sales in a daily record, and later do the inventory with the presence of the supervisors.

The Procurement Committee gets the products from the markets in Qamishlo by making contracts with some wholesalers to get the products at reduced prices, so that they can sell them at competitive prices in the neighbourhood. The co-operative is well received by the residents of the neighbourhood, and people in general, which proves its success and progress.

Awareness of Co-operatives Spreads in Qamishlo

There are 21 co-operative societies in Qamishlo that are embodying the ideas of communal and participatory life, creating a collective environment at work, and building solidarity among the members of society.

Introducing the People of Northern Syria to Co-operatives

House of Co-operatives in Qamishlo has distributed flyers to introduce people to the concept of co-operative societies, explain how they work, and strengthen the relationship between people and co-operatives.
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The Role of Communes in the Communal Economy, Nisrîn and Shîlan are Examples of Successful Co-operatives

''Considering the economic situation, the deterioration of the living conditions and the lives of some of the people who live around the two communes, some steps have been taken to help them and support them financially. By letting people participate in the co-operative as members and workers who sell necessities at reduced prices, we help the people to endure the living conditions in the suburbs. There are some people who live in the neighbourhood working in the two projects, and that is reducing unemployment and creating a workforce. We are aiming to increase the economic projects around the commune in order to include more people, help them and cover their needs.''
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Exclusive: Shîlan Underwear Co-operative

A group of mostly women residents of Qamishlo set up Shîlan Co-operative for the sale of underwear on 7th January, 2017 in Hilaliya, a neighborhood in Qamishlo. They were able to establish the co-operative with the support of the local council of the city.