Lîlît Bakery

Lîlît Bakery is a women’s co-operative in Qamishlo who make pastries and manakish. The bakery in Qamishlo’s Al-Antariyah neighbourhood involves the participation of 7 women who make and sell all kinds of sweets and pastries, benefiting from the profits of the enterprise. The projects aim to help as many women as possible and to create jobs. Women have proved their ability to work in all fields.

The bakery was opened on Saturday 3 December, 2016. The ingredients used in the bakery are flour, cheese and muhammara. The workers are able to get the ingredients from the consumer co-operatives. There are four workers in the bakery, all women.

One of the workers said: “We start at seven o’clock in the morning and work until one. First, we make the special dough for bread and heat the oven, and because we are still new for this work, a temporary worker shows us how to operate the machines. We have divided the work between us; two of us cut the dough and spread it, and the other two make the filling with cheese, muhammara and za’atar, and bake it.”

Lilit Bakery: Developing and Revitalising the Women’s Economy

The Women’s Office in east Qamishlo [Qamişlo / Qamishli / Al-Qamishli] has opened a bakery called Lilit to make pastries and manakish. The opening was attended by many of Qamishlo’s residents, as well as members of Kongreya Star [the women’s movement umbrella structure], local councils and institutions of civil society. We headed to Qamishlo’s eastern municipality to get more information,

The Advance of Women’s Economic Projects and Co-operatives in Rojava’s Cizire Canton in 2016

The year 2016 was characterised by the advance of economic projects that aimed to improve the communal economy in Rojava, especially the projects that were connected to women.