Bağlar Women’s Cooperative / Amed Co-operative

The Bağlar Women’s Co-operative has been active for many years in the Bağlar Municipality of Amed, and has grown with the cooperation of the economic commission of the women’s movement and the municipality, renaming itself the Amed Co-operative and carrying out production in a textile studio with women who have been the victims of violence – 17 of them according to a report from 2016. 

The studio knits regional garments as well as casual clothes with the aid of a designer. In the short term, the women plan to open a store and sell the products they label as “Eko-jin”, and integrate this store with their existing co-operative while opening the studio up for more women.

The co-operative brings in another woman every time there is an increase of 1000 lira in its revenue.

Economic Self-Governance in Democratic Autonomy: The Example of Bakur (Turkish Kurdistan)

This article aims to analyse the economic dimension of Democratic Autonomy, whose creation is projected to take place alongside politics, self-defence, diplomacy, culture, ecology and collective emancipation, and relates to the reader the arguments and experiences within the economic field.