Çewlîg‎ / Bingöl / Çolig / Ճապաղջուր

Bingöl (Zazaki: Çolig, Kurdish: Çewlîg‎, Armenian: Ճապաղջուր (Chapaghjur)) is a city in North Kurdistan / Eastern Turkey, surrounded by mountains and numerous glacier lakes. The Turkish name, Bingöl means a thousand lakes. Lately, the town has become a popular tourist destination. According to 2017 estimates, it has a population of over 111,000.


Campaign to plant saplings from the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement launched a campaign to plant saplings throughout April against the destruction of nature.

“Tandoor House” run by three women in Çêwlig becomes hope for women

Three women bake local bread in their “Tandoor House they opened in Çêwlig to have economic freedom. The Tandoor House become the hope for women living in the city and the people of the city prefer to buy bread made by these three women. Zehra Ataoğlu is one of three women and she tells us how they decided to open their bakery.