Campaign to plant saplings from the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

This report was published by Medya News on 2 April, 2022

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement launched a campaign to plant saplings throughout April against the destruction of nature.

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement announced that it had launched a campaign to plant seedlings throughout the month of April. The campaign, announced with a written statement, also called for support, MA reports.

“The result of endless wars in the Mesopotamia Region is the genocide of peoples, the rape and systematic torture of hundreds of thousands of people, especially women and children, and the irreversible destruction of the entire habitat. The geography of Mesopotamia is apocalyptic. As a result of the destruction caused by the war, water assets are destroyed, forests are burned and looted, millions of hectares of agricultural land become toxic and barren.” the statement said.

The activists of the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement also drew attention to the destruction of nature caused by the military operations launched by Turkey and other countries in the region and the companies which benefited from that.

“Reeds are destroyed in Iraq/Basra, Lake Urmiye is dried up in Iran and forests are bombed in Syria. The direction flow of rivers are being changed on the grounds that the states need energy which leaves many other people deprived of water. With dams and Hydroelectric Power Plant’s (HES) built on top of the Tigris, Euphrates, Aras and Munzur rivers, valleys, agricultural areas and settlements were flooded.”

The statement continues:

“Trees are cut down for the sake of quarries in Ikizdere, while ‘safety’ tree cuttings continue in Cudi, Lice and Bingöl regions of Turkey. Construction work has been done in forest areas for the benefits of tourism and energy companies. In this century when the climate crisis is deepening, the destruction of habitats and cultural values is unacceptable.”

The campaign to plant seedlings

The activists concluded that throughout April, they would plant saplings in order to protect nature.

“In the face of these, we are launching a campaign to plant seedlings throughout April. We call on political parties, non-governmental organizations, workers, women, young people, children, in short, all segments of society and the public. Wherever you are; We invite you to participate in our campaign regardless of place, from the garden of our house to our balconies, from to streets to school gardens, from our villages to the plains and mountains.”