Developing the Women’s Economy in East Aleppo with a Cleaning Products Workshop

Members of the Women’s Association for Training and Awareness Raising in the Baydeen neighbourhood in eastern Aleppo have opened a project for the production of cleaning products in order to develop the women’s economy and to create jobs for as many women as possible, to help them become independent and self-reliant. Women in eastern Aleppo lived through terrible

Women are Building and Improving the Communal Economy in North Syria

Many members who participated in The First Conference of Women’s Economy in North Syria mentioned that women are increasingly participating in economic life, building and improving the communal economy, which in turn benefits society and helps meet people’s needs. 150 delegates participated in the conference from both Kobane [Kobanî] and Jazira [Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre] Cantons, and also from Manbij [Minbic /

This Four-Woman Dairy Cooperative in North Syria Works Together Like a Family

  Four women are working like a family in a dairy cooperative in Qamishlo [Qamişlo / Qamishli / Al-Qamishli], to develop the communal economy. Since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, people have made big and important steps in organising and forming communes and cooperative societies. The communal life is the basis of developing the society; it is