Water as a Weapon – Çay at the Women’s Front podcast

The access to water in Rojava and NE Syria is becoming more and more limited. The severe drought that has been lasting for over two years is connected to the global ecological situation and the Turkish state cutting the water supply to the region. Water is a source of life and as such it is one of the most direct ways to attack the society. The water is being used as a method of war. A friend joined us to talk about Heyva sor, the Kurdish Red moon structure and her current project on assessing and improving water infrastructures, access to water and the quality of water.

Syria and Rojava after Maras-centered earthquake

The Maras-centered earthquakes destroyed more than a hundred buildings in Syria and Rojava. 3,581 people lost their lives and 5,348 were injured. Thousands are still under the rubble in the Turkish-occupied areas as the death toll is not disclosed.