Water as a Weapon – Çay at the Women’s Front podcast

This podcast was released by Çay at the Women’s Front on 16 August 2022.

The access to water in Rojava and NE Syria is becoming more and more limited. The severe drought that has been lasting for over two years is connected to the global ecological situation and the Turkish state cutting the water supply to the region. Water is a source of life and as such it is one of the most direct ways to attack the society. The water is being used as a method of war. A friend joined us to talk about Heyva sor, the Kurdish Red moon structure and her current project on assessing and improving water infrastructures, access to water and the quality of water.

We need to change our relations to nature and stop capitalist exploitation and destruction of it. Rojava is an ecological revolution as ecology is one fundamental principle of the movement that aims to change how we live with each other and nature. It gets clear that to protect the fundament of life for the people in this revolution, we need to rise up and take a stand against the Turkish fascist regime everywhere where people feel the hope that is arising from the Rojava revolution. To protect nature is to protect life!