Women’s Agricultural Cooperatives in Derik

Women’s agricultural cooperatives were founded in 2015 in Derik, Girkê Legê, Tirbespiyê and Amude. The cooperatives are managed by assemblies and administrations, and they operate on land leased from the economic board of the Autonomous Administration every year. After the harvest, both the land rent is paid and the products sold. Derik cooperatives were established in the villages of Teqil Beqil, Eyn ‘iwar and Zehrewiye. In 2023, wheat and barley were planted in the 8 villages. From planting to irrigation, from harvesting to sending to relevant institutions, all the work is carried out by the female members of the cooperatives. Hundreds of women are doing these jobs in the 6 cooperatives. The protection of the land is carried out by the internal security forces.

Teqil Beqil Cooperative

The Aboriya Jin (women's economy) committee of North and East Syria has started buying wheat at the Tekil Beqil cooperative.

Agricultural cooperatives run by women in 8 villages of Qamishlo

Agricultural cooperatives created by women in 8 villages in Qamishlo grow products such as wheat and barley. In a year with good rainfall, women aim for an important harvest.