Teqil Beqil Cooperative

Women’s Agricultural Cooperatives in Derik

Derik cooperatives were established in the villages of Teqil Beqil, Eyn ‘iwar and Zehrewiye.

This is an English translation of a report published by the Aboriya Jin (women’s economy) committee of Kongra Star women’s movement in North and East Syria on 9 June, 2022

The Aboriya Jin (women’s economy) committee of North and East Syria has started buying wheat at the Tekil Beqil cooperative.

The Women’s Economy Committee began the wheat harvest in 2022 in the village of Teqil Beqil in Derik. The land of Teqil Beqil covers 230 hectars, with a plan to cultivate 144. There are 40 women participating in this project

Each one of them has a share of 500,000 Syrian pounds. The cooperative has been built up in two years from scratch. At the beginning there were many difficulties, but with organisation and meetings, things got better.

This year the challenges in the cooperative have again decreased because women are trusting in themselves more and the work is becoming easier. In terms of this year’s production, cooperative member Asya said, “This year there hasn’t been any surplus, and we planted less green fields for the livestock.”