Tirbespiye Women’s Economy Co-operative

This is a joint women’s co-operative project in Tirbespiyê, supported by the Women’s Economy Committee affiliated to Kongra Star, including two women’s agricultural co-operatives, Gelawêj Bakery for women’s economy in Helwa town and a shop in the Xewle school, all in Tirbespiyê district.

After the success of the winter vegetable growing project in its first year, the Women’s Economy Co-operative grows vegetables in 2021 as well. A wide variety of vegetables will be planted according to the farming plan, including new varieties such as cumin and cedar. Participants in the co-operative together help the cultivation of the soil and the sale of products.

In Aliyan district, approximately 960 decares of land is being cultivated by a co-operative of 24 women.

In the town of Sinciq, six women plant and collect winter vegetables on 20 decares of land. Since 2018/19 the co-operative has been growing winter vegetables in the town of Sinciq.

In 2020, the co-operative also opened a bakery called Gelawêj for women’s economy in the town of Helwa. It also opened a shop in the Xewle school in Tirbespiyê district.

6 women’s cooperatives in Tirbê Spî aim to empower women

Six women’s cooperatives, agriculture and bakery cooperatives, have been started in Tirbê Spî, town of Qamishlo. 46 women make a living at these cooperatives.

Women Growing Vegetables in Tirbespiyê for Two Years

After the success of the winter vegetable growing project in its first year, the Women's Economy Co-operative, which aims to support the social economy and spread the idea of working together, grows vegetables this year as well.