Serdem Camp Co-operative

The Serdem Camp Administration in Shehba established a co-operative to promote economic support for 30 women who had been forced to flee Afrin after the Turkish occupation. The six administrators of the camp provide supervision to the co-operative, where vegetables are dried for the winter and yogurt is also sold. There are plans to expand the project to produce yogurt, pepper and tomato paste. Products will be sold and profits shared among the women, who¬†work in shifts in two groups. Some 250 kilos of dried vegetables are being used for the project. This is the first project of this type in Shehba, and the project aims to contribute both to the women’s economy and to the regional economy.

Project for Women Refugees from Afrin Kicks off in Shehba

Project mangers said that their work will be expanded to produce yogurt, pepper and tomato paste and added that products will be sold and profit shared among women.