Roj Av

Water bottling co-operative in Derbesiye with 855 members.

The Economic Council of Derbesiye made a proposal in a meeting on 15th December, 2015 to found a water co-operative with the name Roj Av. More that 950 people participated, and 130,000 SYP was collected from each member to build a water purification plant south of Derbesiye.

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More than 5,000 People Participate in Derbesiye Co-operatives

Akri Ibrahim – Ahmad Darwish The Economic Council of Dirbêsiyê‎ [Derbesiye / Al-Darbasiyah] succeeded in making several socio-economic achievements in less than one year. The Economic Council of Derbesiye that was formed more than a year ago has managed to develop community economics in the region, and has made six economic achievements to date. 5,161 citizens participate in co-operatives. The Economic