Naya Detergent Factory

Naya Detergent Factory in Raqqa is run entirely by women, from production to packaging.

The factory first employed women who lost their husbands in war, divorced women and women without any income, and 60% percent of the factory’s profits have been given to women no income. More than 100 women have worked for the factory to earn a living. Women work 6 hours a day, and 40% of the factory’s profits will be used for new projects promoting women’s employment. 

Naya Detergent Factory was opened by Raqqa Municipality Women’s Bureau in December, 2020. Hala El Abdullah, a member of the Raqqa Municipality Women’s Bureau, is in charge of running the factory. 

Women’s gains in North and East Syria in 2021 testify to their successes

During the year 2021, women in north and east Syria made many achievements at various levels: Diplomatic, political, economic and organizational, and women's organizations intensified the pace of their activities aimed at reaching the largest possible segment of women in the world to support them to achieve their rights and freedom.

Raqqa Municipality Factory Run by Women

Naya Detergent Factory was opened by Raqqa Municipality Women’s Bureau four months ago. Only women have worked in the factory. 40 percent of the factory's income will be used for new projects promoting women's employment.