Gölbaşı Women’s Co-operative

Gölbaşı Women’s Co-operative (GÖL-KA) is a women’s co-op in the Gölbaşı district of Sensur (Turkish: Adıyaman) province founded by 8 women in 2021 to improve agricultural productivity and to sell their agricultural products. The women exhibit their homemade dried mulberry, grapes, molasses, sumac, homemade tomato and pepper paste, and baby dolls in the building of the co-operative. Emine Köseler is the chair of the co-operative, which will be active in 30 villages and three towns.

Gölbaşı Women’s Co-operative founded in Sensur

Women have founded Gölbaşı Women’s Cooperative in Sensur province. Emine Köseler, the chair of the cooperative, says they want to encourage women to take part in the production, “Such cooperatives should be founded everywhere in the region.”