Girê Spî Camp Agricultural Project

An agricultural project for refugees from Girê Spî at a camp near Ain Issa. The project will be implemented in an area of 300 acres and will be put into service in the village of Samaria to the west of Ain Issa. Summer vegetables have already been planted. 80 refugee families in Girê Spî Camp will benefit from the project. The Agriculture Committee will provide them with all necessary agricultural materials such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for the project to be successful. Generators were also provided for the irrigation of vegetables from the wells.

Egîd Bozan, co-chair of the Economy Committee of the Girê Spî Canton Assembly: “We support the displaced migrant farmers by implementing such projects in difficult humanitarian and economic conditions. We provide them with seeds, fertilizers, soil and other materials such as generators and fuel.”

Girê Spi Canton Assembly Economic Committee implements project to support refugees

Girê Spi Canton Assembly Economic Committee implemented a communal project to support the refugees in Girê Spi Camp.