Digire is a women’s agricultural co-operative in Tirbespiyê. It is based on the technique of greenhouses, in addition to traditional agriculture, and produces different kinds of seasonal vegetables.

The project was established in 2015 by 4 women. The local economic committee provided the women with a piece of land on which they grew vegetables in nine greenhouses. In 2020, 40 women work there and the co-operative covers a large part of the demand for vegetables in the Northern Syrian region. The work has been expanded, and within five years the women have planted 2,500 trees and increased the number of greenhouses to 22. 

The co-operative is located on the main road in the Cizîrê region and has become a permanent point of contact for the people living in the area. The vegetables grown are offered at reasonable prices and cover a large part of the regional demand.

Overseen by a team of engineer women, workers and engineers, the project provides employment opportunities for many women and the project supplies some of the markets of Tirbespiyê region. According to supervisors, its production initially amounted to about one and a half tons of different kinds of vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Today, at peak production, it produces about 6 tons, which fulfills the needs of the region and contributes to lower prices. They grow some vegetables inside greenhouses, such as cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini, while others are grown outside plastic homes such as peppers, onions and garlic.

In July 2020 project manager Ahin Şikri said that the number of employees is to be increased to 100. The cultivation of onions and garlic is particularly productive. For a small fee, the people from the region can also grow their own vegetables on the premises.

Salam Haidar Ibrahim, an engineer who oversees the project, said that the project’s supervisors avoid using hormones and other chemicals in agriculture.


Agricultural cooperative in Tirbespiyê

Five years ago, four women founded an agricultural cooperative in Tirbespiyê. Today, forty women work there and the cooperative covers a large part of the demand for vegetables in the Northern Syrian region.
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Women Manage Projects in Rojava

The cultivation of vegetable project in Tirbespiyê area contributes in fulfilling part of the region's need for seasonal vegetables, in addition to securing jobs for women.