Agricultural & Veterinary Pharmacy Co-operative

By October 2018, 182 shares had been issued to 20 participants at 50,000 SYP [under £70] per share. The co-op made 76% profit in six months.

By January 2019 the pharmacy had 189 shares, still at 50,000 SYP, and 26 participants.

The Role of Co-operative Societies in Developing Rojava’s Economy

The Economic Committee in Manbij has opened many co-operatives to improve the economy and curb monopoly.

A Meeting with the Veterinary Pharmacy Co-operative Distributes Dividends

The Administration of Co-operative Societies related to to the Economic Committee in Manbij held a meeting with members of the Agricultural and Veterinarian Pharmacy Co-operative at the Centre of Economics to distribute the co-op's dividends.