9 agricultural cooperatives in Til Tamer

Kongra Star Economy Committee, Aboriya Jin, started 3 bakery cooperatives and 9 agricultural cooperatives in Til Temir which together employ more than 35 women. Kongra Star Economy Committee has 5,326 acres of land, including 900 acres of agricultural land around Til Tamer. Women and families participate in production, growing wheat and corn, with each family taking responsibility for 100 acres of land. The aim is to provide employment to women. They dug 3 water wells to irrigate 900 acres of agricultural land, and also have projects to support the use of solar energy. They expect to harvest more crops in 2024 than in 2023.

Kongra Star’s 12 cooperatives provide employment to women in Til Temir

12 cooperatives started by Kongra Star Economy Committee have developed projects in Til Temir to provide employment to women and strengthen the local economy.