Tell Tamer (Girê Xurma / Tel Temir / Til Tamer / Tel Temir)

Tell Tamer (Arabic: تل تمر‎, Syriac: ܬܠ ܬܡܪ‎, Kurdish: Girê Xurma) also known as Tal Tamr or Tal Tamir, is a small town in the Qamişlo Canton, in the Jazira Region of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

Originally inhabited by Assyrians in the early 20th century, a large minority of around 20% Assyrians remain in the town, living alongside a majority Kurdish, and a small, recently settled Arab Bedouin population.

In the 2004 census, Tell Tamer had a population of 7,285.

Located by the Khabur River at a major road junction, the town was an important transport hub for Syria.

Humanitarian disaster looms in Hesekê and Deir ez-Zor

There is an extreme water shortage in northern and eastern Syria. The water level in the Hesekê dam has dropped massively. A humanitarian catastrophe is looming in the greater regions of Hesekê and Deir ez-Zor.

Women solve social problems in Syria

Stating that before the revolution, problems in Rojava were tried to be resolved by a male perspective, Elya Oglo, a member of the Conciliation Committee, said that after the revolution, social justice is achieved by women.

Projects for economic independence in Til Temir

The  Economy Committee of NE Syria has developed many projects to empower women’s economy in Til Temir. The members of the committee visit villages to implement their projects. “Our aim is to develop an independent economy,” they say.

Women to realize wheat, tandoori projects this year

Kongra Star’s Women's Economy Committee continues to develop projects to empower women’s economy. Zehra Mihemed gave information about their works and told us that they will put their wheat and tandoori projects into effect in 2022.

Ongoing drought threats lands and lives of farmers in Syria’s Hasakah

TEL TAMR, Syria (North Press) – The 52-year-old Yasin al-Aziz, a farmer of the countryside of Hasakah, northeast Syria, does not know the fate of the wheat production of his land this year. Farmers of the region all have the same fear because impacts will be disastrous if this season is as the former one in

Women’s Toil Eases Burdens of Economic Crisis

Despite the simple capabilities under the capitalist economy, and the constant attacks of the occupier on the regions of northeast and Syria, the economic toil of women has bore fruit to good results during 2020, as they played a leading role in easing the economic crisis that the region suffer from.