Tell Halaf

Tell Halaf (Arabic: تل حلف‎) is an archaeological site in the canton of Serekaniye, near the Turkish border. It was the first find of a Neolithic culture, subsequently dubbed the Halaf culture, characterized by glazed pottery painted with geometric and animal designs [more from Wikipedia].

During the Syrian Civil War, People’s Protection Units took control of the area.

The name Tell Halaf is a local Aramaic placename, meaning “made of former city”; what its original inhabitants called their settlement is not known.

Model organization for all women: Kongra Star [parts 9 and 10]

Women in Rojava improve economy Pointing out that the women have improved the economy in Rojava, Armanc Mihemed, executive of the Economy Committee of Kongra Star, said that they have achieved significant successes by realizing many projects.

The Rojava Revolution – A Decade On (Part I)

History of the Revolution: Much Achieved, Still Much to be Done.

Rojava Gardens provide fresh produce and a livelihood for people

The Rojava Gardens in Serekaniye’s Eziziye village has become the livelihood of many migrant families with the vegetables and fruits grown.