Fafin / Fafeen

Fafin (Fafeen / فافين‎) is a village in northern Aleppo, just 15 km (9.3 mi) north of Aleppo city. The village had a population of 3,183 according to the 2004 census. Fafeen hosts some internatlly displaced persons (IDPs) from Afrin.

Internally Displaced Women Run restaurant in Syria’s north Aleppo Countryside

Along with three other displaced women, Zeyneb Battal, an IDP [internally displaced person] from the city of Afrin, northwest Syria, is busy preparing kibbeh (a fried ball of spiced ground meat, onions, and grain, popular in Middle Eastern cuisine) and other dishes in a small restaurant in the town of Fafeen in the northern Aleppo countryside.