Arisha / Al-Arishah

al-Arishah (Arabic: العريشة‎) is a town in the southern countryside of Hasakah Canton. The co-chair of the municipality is Muhammad al-Jum`ah [April 2020]. More than 46 villages belong to Arisha. During the 2004 census, al-Arishah had a population of 3,957, according to the Syrian government.

A small desalination plant is currently in operation in Arisha, set up in cooperation between the Hasakah Water Directorate and the municipality of al-Arisha. The plant has a production capacity of 90 barrels of water within 8 hours. This station is a reserve for the region in the event of a water outage from the main Alouk water station, which is frequently attacked and put out of service by the Turkish military.


The Attempt to Dry Up a Revolution

The Turkish state uses water as a weapon against the population in North and East Syria.

Interview: Sozda Ahmed from Heseke Water Bureau on water cut-offs, impact on Corona prevention

Sozda Ahmed is the co-chair of the Water Bureau for Heseke canton. She was interviewed on 8 April 2020.

Plans to provide water in southern countryside of Hasakah

The Municipality of Al-Arisha, in cooperation with the Water Directorate in Al-Hasakeh, activated a mini drinking water station, and contracted with tanks to transport water from the wells to cover the needs of the people of the region.