Al-Jarniyah (Jurneyyeh)

Al-Jarniyah (Arabic: الجرنية), also written Jurneyyeh, is a town in the Jazira Region of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

The town and much of the area around it was under the control of Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) for two years, before being liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces in December, 2016.

The population of the town during the 2004 census was 2686.

Farmers in Al-Jarniyah Face Disaster if Turkey Continues Hogging Euphrates Water

Farmers in Al-Jarniyah have had to stop harvesting summer crops as a result of Turkey cutting the flow of the Euphrates river. The farmers rely on the flow of the Euphrates to irrigate their crops. About 70% of the people in Al-Jarniyah and its countryside use farming as a primary source of income, but a disastrous