The Social Economy in Rojava will Snowball

DERIK, Syrian Kurdistan,— One of the most important aspects of the revolutionary developments in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) is the economy. In Rojava, where the people have declared an autonomous administration, the social economy, or, in other words, the people’s own economy, is fundamental. Article 42 of the Social Agreement which is characterised as the constitution
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From the Moment of Coercion – Cizire Canton, Rojava

The relation of exploitation contains, in an immanent way, a direct relation of domination, of subjection, and of social and police control. But when one takes the relation of domination, of subjection, as the totality of the relation of exploitation, the part for the whole, then one loses sight of the relation of exploitation and

The Advance of Women’s Economic Projects and Co-operatives in Rojava’s Cizire Canton in 2016

The year 2016 was characterised by the advance of economic projects that aimed to improve the communal economy in Rojava, especially the projects that were connected to women.